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Streets Michelle Clark, founder of Dogs On The says that Lon­don, which sup­ports street dogs, lim­ited. coun­cil hous­ing that al­lows pets is very sim­ply ‘Some peo­ple we help are home­less an­i­mals. be­cause they refuse to give up their pets is Find­ing a rental prop­erty that al­lows re­ally that hard,’ says Michelle.

She adds, ‘It’s not all coun­cils that won’t in so­cial al­low an­i­mals, but it is a big prob­lem and pri­vate hous­ing.

‘Some so­cial hous­ing and shel­ters al­low an­i­mals, but spa­ces are so lim­ited… We now only try to find pri­vate ren­tals for our users when the time is right.’

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