Sham­poo gets Fay’s three­year-old daugh­ter in a lather

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Armed with a cup and hair­brush, I headed into the bath­room and turned on the hot wa­ter. ‘Time for your bath, dar­ling,’ I called to my daugh­ter.

Lianna, three, skipped through from the bed­room, where she’d been play­ing with her dolls.

‘It’s just a bath tonight, though, isn’t it, Mummy?’ she chirped. ‘No hair wash!’

‘No, sweetie,’ I said, bend­ing down to turn off the taps.

‘You haven’t had your hair washed for three days, so we need to give it a lit­tle clean.’

As soon as I said that, Lianna darted back into her room.

‘Lianna, come back!’ I called. ‘No, Mummy,’ she mum­bled, try­ing to hide be­hind her bed­room cur­tains.

‘Lianna, you need to have your hair washed,’ I sighed in ex­as­per­a­tion as I fol­lowed her into her room.

‘Come on, dar­ling,’ I soothed. ‘It’s only a bit of wa­ter, and I’ll be quick as a flash.’

But Lianna con­tin­ued to strug­gle while I tried to get her clothes off.

Once in the bath,

I held her as still as I could while I tipped her head back, wet­ting her hair with a cup.

‘I don’t like it, Mummy!’ she fussed, wrig­gling and clamp­ing her eyes shut.

‘I’m al­most done,’ I told her, slather­ing on con­di­tioner as quickly as I could.

‘Owwww,’ she moaned, rub­bing her eyes.

Once I was fin­ished wash­ing out the sham­poo, the wails stopped and Lianna be­gan play­ing hap­pily with her singing mer­maid toy.

‘Thank God that’s over with,’ I thought, breath­ing a sigh of relief.

Even as a baby, Lianna hated hav­ing her hair washed.

Looking back, it prob­a­bly didn’t help that I fussed over her and did it as gin­gerly as pos­si­ble.

So, when her lit­tle brother, Johnny, 16 months, was a baby, I took a dif­fer­ent ap­proach, and lib­er­ally dunked wa­ter all over his head.

That made a big dif­fer­ence, and he’s al­ways been happy as Larry in the bath.

My hubby, Dug, 38, has tried to deal with Lianna’s aver­sion to sham­poo, but she acts up for him, too.

Dug’s a bar­ber, so the last thing he wants af­ter a long day of tend­ing tresses is a barnet bat­tle when he gets home!

So I feel like it’s up to me to sort this.

Has any­one found a way to make hair-wash­ing less of a drama?

It’s so up­set­ting to see Lianna in such a state, so I’m des­per­ate for a long-term so­lu­tion for my dilemma.

Fay Demetriou, 29, En­field, north Lon­don


Me and Dug need help with our lit­tle one’s hair

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