Pa­trice’s boyfriend had a pic­tureper­fect pro­posal…

Real People - - NEWS - Pa­trice Mur­ray, 20, Craigavon, County Ar­magh

My pla­centa popped the ques­tion

Hov­er­ing by the front door, I tut­ted loudly.

‘We’re go­ing to be late!’ I chivvied my fella, Ciaran Ed­wards, 25. ‘Come on!’

I couldn’t wait a sec­ond longer. It was Novem­ber last year and, at 25 weeks preg­nant, I was booked in for a 4D ul­tra­sound scan at a pri­vate clinic in Belfast.

It was a 20th birth­day present from Ciaran’s sis­ter, Char­lene.

We’d al­ready found out we were hav­ing a boy at my 20-week scan. Now, I was so ex­cited by the prospect of see­ing how our baby was de­vel­op­ing that I could barely sit still on the 30-minute jour­ney.

But, as I bab­bled away gid­dily, Ciaran was strangely quiet.

Still, I was sure he’d perk up once we reached the clinic.

Ly­ing on the bed in the dark­ened room as images of our baby filled the screen in front of us, tears welled up my eyes.

‘Isn’t he beau­ti­ful?’ I gasped in awe, star­ing at our son’s tiny nose and mouth on the mon­i­tor.

‘I think you should turn around,’ the sono­g­ra­pher said, her voice bring­ing me back down to earth.

Sit­ting up, I was puz­zled to see Ciaran crouched down by the bed.

What was he do­ing?!

Then the penny dropped… Catch­ing a glint from the di­a­mond-en­crusted sparkler in Ciaran’s hand, my heart started ham­mer­ing.

‘Will you marry me?’ he asked, hold­ing out the ring. ‘Oh, my God!’ I sobbed, pulling him in for a cud­dle. ‘Of course!’ There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! ‘Didn’t you see the writ­ing on the scan?’ he chuck­led. Turn­ing around, I squinted at the screen. Mummy, my daddy wants to know will you marry him???? was scrawled in yel­low over the image of our baby’s face.

How had I missed that?!

Ciaran told me that, when Char­lene had booked the scan, he’d de­cided to per­suade the man­age­ment team at the clinic to help him pro­pose.

As we left the clinic and called our fam­ily to share the happy news, I couldn’t stop cry­ing with hap­pi­ness.

Then, just three weeks later, I went into labour after I’d had a rou­tine check-up at Craigavon Area Hospi­tal.

‘There’s no fluid around your baby,’ my con­sul­tant ex­plained to me. ‘Your waters have com­pletely gone.’

I was rushed off to Royal Ju­bilee Ma­ter­nity Hospi­tal in Belfast, where tiny 2lb 5½ oz Fionnbhar was born at 4.56am.

But see­ing him ly­ing there in the neona­tal unit was so up­set­ting.

Hooked up to wires and tubes, he looked so lit­tle and help­less.

‘He’ll pull through,’ Ciaran said sooth­ingly.

And, amaz­ingly, he did. Lit­tle Fionnbhar grew stronger ev­ery day, and was fi­nally able to come home after seven weeks.

Now, me and Ciaran have set the date for our big white wed­ding – in Au­gust 2019.

And, after help­ing his dad with the per­fect pro­posal and then mak­ing such a dra­matic en­trance into the world, Fionnbhar has al­ready run rings around us!


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