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I don’ t know about you, but wet weather on wash day is just the worst! when i have to hang my laun­dry all around the barn to dry, it re­ally brings me down. not only does the place look a mess, but the damp things col­lect dust, flu ff, even dirt. moooo… gr­rrr… Be­hold! the an­swer to all our prayers–the hot point tcf­s83b Gp tum­ble dryer, worth £259. This mar­vel­lous ma­chine is a free-stand­ing con­denser dryer, which means it doesn’ t need an air vent. so, you won’t have to spend time and money fit­ting one, or have to put up with hot air com­ing out of the hose and into your kitchen. thank good­ness! It’s also easy-to-use and can dry up to 8 kg of cloth­ing in one cy­cle. A.m! what a gift to not have to spend a good half-an-hour hang­ing out the wash­ing, or try­ing to find space for all your lovely clean bits to dry. you can stick the ket­tle on and put your feet up in­stead! For your chance to win, solve my prize ques­tion, left…

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