Brochmor’s wor­ried her tod­dler doesn’t like her baby brother

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Leav­ing my kids tucked up on the sofa, I went to the kitchen for a cuppa. Sec­onds later, I heard a deaf­en­ing scream. ‘Yuck!’ screeched Lily-belle, two, while Har­ri­son, 18 months, was ly­ing on the floor in tears.

‘It’s OK, sweetie,’ I soothed, pick­ing him up.

‘What just hap­pened?’

I cried to Lily-belle.

‘He tried to kiss me,’ she whined, wip­ing her face in dis­gust. ‘So I pushed him away.’ Har­ri­son adored his big sis­ter. But the feel­ing wasn’t mu­tual. ‘Look, Lily-belle,’ I seethed. ‘I’ve told you about this be­fore. You can’t push your baby brother around like that. You could have re­ally hurt him!’

‘But he’s be­ing naughty,’ she glow­ered.

‘No,’ I sighed. ‘Your brother is just try­ing to show you how much he loves you.’

Friends warned me it would be tough hav­ing two ba­bies within three years, but I thought it would make my kids closer.

I’d as­sumed that Lily-belle would fuss over her baby brother like a mother hen. How wrong I was! When Har­ri­son was tiny, she’d shriek with dis­gust when­ever he made a noise, and wrin­kle her nose in con­tempt if he touched her.

Then, when Har­ri­son started crawl­ing at seven months, my trou­bles re­ally be­gan.

Like any other in­quis­i­tive baby, my lit­tle boy was into ev­ery­thing. He would reach for toys, phones, re­mote con­trols, keys…

But, when­ever he went to pick some­thing up, Lily-belle would snatch it away.

Har­ri­son would cry and try to take the item back, so Li­lyBelle would hit or kick at him.

A big, hefty tod­dler, she was strong enough to do dam­age.

‘I’m tear­ing my hair out try­ing to keep the peace,’ I groaned to my mum, Su­san, 56.

‘The prob­lem is, they never have any time away from each other,’ Mum said. ‘Why don’t you ar­range a nurs­ery ses­sion for Har­ri­son, and let me take Lily-belle one day a week?’

It was a great idea so, the next day, I booked Har­ri­son in to day­care on Thurs­day morn­ings.

But we’ve been try­ing the new rou­tine for weeks, and it hasn’t made the slight­est dif­fer­ence.

If any­thing, Lily-belle is even less tol­er­ant of Har­ri­son af­ter hav­ing time away from him.

‘I’m wor­ried Lily-belle just hates her brother,’ I said to Mum.

‘I’m sure things will change as they grow,’ Mum re­as­sured me. ‘Lily-belle is go­ing through the ter­ri­ble twos – maybe this is how she’s act­ing out her fury.’

While I hope Mum’s right, it doesn’t make things any eas­ier.

Is there any­thing I can do to im­prove their re­la­tion­ship?

Brochmor Williams, 26, Aber­cwm­boi, Mid Glam­or­gan


I’d love Lily-belle and Har­ri­son to be close

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