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Me and his other woman... giv­ing birth to­gether!

Real People - - NEWS - Abby Miles, 29, Weymouth, Dorset

Gen­tly lift­ing one frail, wrinkly thigh, I gave the un­der­side a good spong­ing.

‘Nearly done,’

I told its owner, a sweet old gent. I was a carer and I loved my job. It helped peo­ple, made me feel use­ful, and paid the bills, too.

But, as I pinged off my la­tex gloves, I was think­ing about the next day, my night off, when I’d be get­ting my mitts on a very dif­fer­ent fella…

I’d met him on a dat­ing site a month ear­lier. Jack2468, he called him­self. No pro­file pic but he’d de­scribed him­self as ‘Sin­gle, 22’.

And the mes­sage he sent got my juices flow­ing… I’m look­ing for some­thing se­ri­ous and you’re gor­geous,

he’d writ­ten.

I asked for a pic… Jack Ben­son was very hand­some. I don’t want any­thing com­pli­cated, he mes­saged. He’d come to the right woman, then.

We chat­ted for two weeks, Jack telling me about his job at the water board and life liv­ing with his mum.

One night, when I was off work, he came over to my flat. ‘Hey…’ he smiled.

There was no bou­quet of car­na­tions or garage choc­cies.

The only thing he’d brought was a cocky smirk and eyes that were al­ready un­hook­ing my bra.

Soon, his hands were full of lit­tle old me.

Then af­ter­wards, he grabbed his coat and left.

It was two weeks be­fore he

got in touch again.

What you up to? I need to see you, he texted.

I’m off Wed­nes­day, I replied. Cue another night of pas­sion. Af­ter that, me and Jack fol­lowed a pat­tern.

He’d get in touch ev­ery few weeks, ask­ing to see me on a night off.

‘Let’s just stay in, yeah?’ he would say.

I never met his mates or his fam­ily, but I was fall­ing in love.

Ev­ery morn­ing at 6am, he’d text, Morn­ing sexy – along with a pic­ture of his very own morn­ing glory.

Then he’d turn up three or four nights a week and show me how glo­ri­ous it re­ally was.

Some­times we’d just sit around, watch­ing his favourite po­lice chase shows and eat­ing chicken piz­zas from Domino’s.

In May 2015, when we’d been to­gether a year, I was scrolling through Face­book.

Sud­denly, I saw a fa­mil­iar face sug­gested un­der, ‘Peo­ple you may know.’

Oh, God!

It was Jack, Jack. But in the photo he wasn’t alone.

His arms were around a pretty brunette. Two chil­dren smiled hap­pily at their feet!

I be­gan to shake. He had another woman? My Jack was cheat­ing on me?!

I threw my phone on the sofa as the pieces all thun­ked into place.

Like re­mem­ber­ing the night he’d taken me to his mum’s and snuck me up the stairs to his bed­room.

Who had he been hid­ing me from? The other woman?

I shoved the pro­file un­der Jack’s nose and his face fell.

‘Ayeisha and me have just got back to­gether,’ he ad­mit­ted, eyes on the floor. ‘I didn’t know how to tell you.’

I stared at him.

‘You mean… ’ I stam­mered. She wasn’t his bit on the side. That was me!

For a whole year, he’d kept this hid­den, while mak­ing me fall in love with him.

She’d even given him TWO kids he’d never thought to men­tion! It was over!

I opened my mouth to say it. But Jack looked dev­as­tated.

‘I don’t want things to end with us, Abs,’ he whis­pered. ‘Me and Ayeisha are only to­gether for the kids.’

I wob­bled. That had to be true, didn’t it? How could he be spend­ing half the week with me if they had a proper re­la­tion­ship?

He spent nearly ev­ery night at my place and some­times weeks, for cry­ing out loud!

So some­how I let him kiss me... then the in­evitable. As usual, he got up in the mid­dle of the night and left. This time I knew where he was go­ing. But I told my­self not to think about that.

I mean, didn’t she won­der where he was?

He made me fall in love with him

Maybe she didn’t care. Noth­ing changed un­til, a few months on, I woke up feel­ing iffy and walked to the chemist to buy a preg­nancy test.

Me and Jack had never used pro­tec­tion.

Two big thick lines sprung up. I’m preg­nant. If you want to do a run­ner I un­der­stand,

texted Jack.

I hoped he’d want the op­po­site. When he came over a few days later, he rubbed my belly and kissed it.

But I went to ev­ery sin­gle an­te­na­tal ap­point­ment alone.

I texted Jack scan pho­tos and up­dates. I reck­oned he just needed to meet our baby then he’d move in with us prop­erly.

‘It’s you two I want, babe,’ he promised. ‘I love you.’

But do­ing it all on my own got very lonely.

When I was 19 weeks preg­nant, I spot­ted a friend’s scan pic­ture on Face­book.

Ex­cit­edly go­ing to write a com­ment on her baby scan, a dif­fer­ent com­ment quickly popped up be­fore my eyes. Me too! I can’t wait to do my baby’s room again, I’m 13 weeks preg­nant. It was her! Jack’s ex.

I flopped back, reel­ing. He’d got her preg­nant just weeks af­ter me?

I paced the house, our baby do­ing som­er­saults in­side me.

When I saw Jack, I de­manded an ex­pla­na­tion.

‘It was an ac­ci­dent,’ he said. How do you ac­ci­den­tally sleep with some­one?

Jack shrugged, help­lessly. But I still couldn’t give him up. Yet at ev­ery preg­nancy mile­stone, I felt a pang of heart­break. It was aw­ful know­ing I wasn’t the only one car­ry­ing his baby.

We weren’t spe­cial any more. In April, Jack texted to tell me his baby son had ar­rived early.

Con­grat­u­la­tions, I sent back. Six weeks on, it was my turn. I was at Dorset County Hos­pi­tal to be in­duced. Jack wasn’t there.

My two best mates were sup­port­ing me. I told my­self I didn’t mind.

I texted up­dates to Jack… how many cen­time­tres I’d di­lated, how fast the con­trac­tions…

… un­til I pushed our 7lb 7oz baby Ella into the world.

She was rushed away. When I was well enough to walk, I wob­bled on un­steady legs to the spe­cial care baby unit to see her.

As I scanned the board in the SCBU to see which bed she was in, I spot­ted another name.

Ayeisha’s. NO!

She was here, her pre­ma­ture baby was still in hos­pi­tal…

Was that why Jack had stayed away?

I pulled out my phone and texted him, Jack please come and see us. This is re­ally awk­ward.

Sorry, babe. Can’t, he replied. I was crushed, I needed him. But I bat­ted back tears and found our baby. She was cov­ered in wires. She’d caught an in­fec­tion. ‘Mummy’s here,’ I cooed. But I kept see­ing Ayeisha… yakking on her phone and chat­ting to other mums.

One day, she smiled and nod­ded to me.

I fled to my room, mor­ti­fied, pulled the cur­tains around me…

‘Just get well, baby,’ I willed Ella. ‘Then we can see Daddy.’

I had faith in Jack – we be­longed to­gether. But was I hid­ing from Ayeisha or re­al­ity?

Af­ter 10 days, Ella was fi­nally well enough to come home.

As soon as I got back, Jack was at the flat.

‘Hey, princess,’ he cooed, cradling her.

He started stay­ing over all night. No more skulk­ing away in the early hours.

I didn’t ask about Ayeisha or his new son. It must be over. He’d cho­sen me.

One day, when Ella was 13 months, I spot­ted Ayeisha in the shops. Both push­ing our buggies, I tried to whizz right past her, but she stopped me. ‘She’s look­ing bet­ter,’ she said, giv­ing me a warm smile and lean­ing over Ella’s buggy.

I nod­ded and walked away. I knew all about Ayeisha, but she clearly didn’t know any­thing about me.

I was just a fel­low mum she’d recog­nised from the ma­ter­nity ward… Sud­denly, I didn’t feel like the vic­tor. I felt like the mis­tress all over again.

Days later, as I climbed into bed be­side Jack, my phone vi­brated on the bed­side ta­ble.

I read the num­ber to Jack – he recog­nised it as Ayeisha’s. ‘Why is she call­ing me?’ I asked him.

He sighed and made to get out of bed.

I stopped him.

‘Look, she’s found out that we’re to­gether, and about Ella,’ he said. ‘Let me go sort out the kids and I’ll be back.’

He kissed me and Ella, and swooped out of the door be­fore I could even get a word out. That was four months ago. We haven’t seen Jack since. I’ve heard he and Ayeisha are plan­ning to marry. Fi­nal proof I was the other woman all along.

Jack must have felt like Jack-the-lad with two women hold­ing his ba­bies a few feet apart.

But now he’s lost our beau­ti­ful girl. I might have been sec­ond best. But our Ella? Never.

I went to ev­ery an­te­na­tal ap­point­ment alone

Jack never did come to see us in hos­pi­tal

The mo­ment we were home, Jack was there to meet his daugh­ter

Me and Ella are do­ing just fine

Jack was a lov­ing dad to Ella

Ella had to spend 10 days in the spe­cial care baby unit

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