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Micki hit the ceil­ing when she saw the pickle her pooch was in…

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Flick­ing on the kitchen light, I gasped. Smeared across the floor was the re­mains of a full car­ton of 12 eggs.

Yolk dripped from the wall and shells crunched un­der­foot. ‘Cooper!’ I bel­lowed. My four-year-old Rot­tweiler just wagged his tail, ad­mir­ing his work of mod­ern art on my lino. ‘Look at this mess,’ I snapped. He’d been so shy as a puppy, but had grown into a mis­chievous mutt.

As he got older, he’d snaf­fle meat pasties from the fridge. We had to pad­lock it when­ever we went out.

My bed­room door was bolted, too, as he loved chew­ing my socks.

But me and my dad, Mark, 53, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Coop was a big, nosy softie!

As we headed to the pub on a Sun­day evening this Septem­ber, we made sure to pad­lock the kitchen like Fort Knox.

An hour into our pints, I heard my name called over the din.

It was one of my neigh­bours, Jeff.

‘Micki!’ he called. ‘Your dog’s on the roof!’

Whaat?! I knew Cooper was al­ways up to no good – but how had he got up there?!

Jeff said he’d tried knock­ing on our door but got no an­swer.

‘I knew I’d find you here,’ he winked.

He drove us back and, when our house came into view, I saw Jeff’s wife, Julie, and their three kids star­ing, open-mouthed, at our roof. ‘There he is!’ I shrieked to Dad. Cooper looked al­most proud, king of all he sur­veyed.

But then I looked closer… He was shak­ing in the rain. ‘What if he slips?’ I fret­ted. ‘The fire brigade’s on its way,’ Julie said. ‘I don’t think we can wait that long,’ Dad pan­icked, rac­ing in­side. Hot on his heels, I fol­lowed him up to the at­tic. The sky­light was closed – it must have snapped shut be­hind Cooper. Good­ness knows how he’d nudged it open in the first place. ‘Here, grab my feet,’ Dad said, as he heaved his up­per body through the win­dow. Grip­ping his an­kles, all I could see was his hefty be­hind, wrig­gling as he stretched to reach our trou­ble­some mutt.

If I hadn’t been so fear­ful that he’d get spooked and slip, I’d have laughed – we looked like Lau­rel and Hardy, three sheets to the wind! ‘Come here, boy,’ Dad whee­dled, blink­ing in the rain. Then: ‘Got him!’ Yank­ing Cooper in by the scruff of his neck, we all col­lapsed on to the floor. As our pooch licked Dad’s face and barked ex­cit­edly, the fire brigade turned up, re­lieved to see they weren’t re­quired… We’ve now put a bolt on the at­tic door.

Coop’s night on the tiles is go­ing to be a one-off! Micki Pick­ford, 20, Bris­tol

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