Born into my MC Ham­mer pants

Real People - - CONTENTS - Danielle Browne, 25, Wel­wyn Gar­den City, Herts

Preg­nant with two girls, buy­ing a pair of harem trousers was an act of ge­nius. The baggy legs with an elas­tic waist were per­fect for a woman of my girth.

OK, I may have looked like MC Ham­mer af­ter a few too many din­ners but, at 36 weeks gone, I was be­yond car­ing!

So, nat­u­rally, I strug­gled into them in Au­gust last year af­ter my wa­ters had bro­ken at home.

My po­lice of­fi­cer hubby, Chris, 28, was away with work.

‘It’ll be a while yet,’ I said to him on the phone.

‘Don’t rush.’

But con­trac­tions wors­ened so I rang my mum, Karen, 57, to drive me to Lis­ter Hospi­tal in Steve­nage.

My dad,

Michael, 58, stayed with my daugh­ter, El­iz­a­beth, 11 months. ‘Get in the fast lane,’ I urged Mum as the stabs of pain in­creased. But as we turned into the car park for the ma­ter­nity ward, a queue of cars stretched ahead.

‘I can’t see a space,’ Mum said, fran­ti­cally spin­ning her head.

I sensed some­thing be­tween my legs.

‘I’ve got to get out now!’ I shouted, ma­noeu­vring my huge bump out of the door. Man­ag­ing to stand, I felt the urge to push. And then some­thing warm slid down my trouser leg... Could it be?

I pulled out the elas­ti­cated top of my trousers and peeped down.

It was! Trapped at the bot­tom of my leg, still at­tached to the um­bil­i­cal cord, was an up­turned face, lit­tle eyes closed tightly.

‘She’s here!’ I shouted, bent dou­ble.

Luck­ily, the cot­ton ma­te­rial was ta­pered at the an­kle or she could have whooshed straight through onto the tar­mac!

Dimly, I could hear Mum shout­ing to the nurses rush­ing out, ‘It’s twins, there’s an­other one.’

Mum rolled up my trouser leg to re­veal Erin by my an­kle.

One of the nurses, who was ac­tu­ally a mid­wife just go­ing to her car hav­ing fin­ished her shift, cut the cord and then wrapped her in her hoodie. Next, I was be­ing wheeled into the ma­ter­nity ward. Inside, they brought 6lb 4oz Erin to me un­harmed, de­spite be­ing born down my trousers!

But my con­trac­tions had now stopped and the mid­wife had to mas­sage my tummy to per­suade Eve­lyn to come out. It wasn’t un­til an hour-anda-half later that she was born, weigh­ing 8lb 2oz.

She was taken to in­ten­sive care with breath­ing prob­lems, but later that day I was able to tickle her hand in the in­cu­ba­tor.

Erin, our Car Park Baby as the ward called her, came home af­ter two days, and Eve­lyn a week later. Now they’re 10 months.

Erin gives us loads of smiles, while Eve­lyn crawls ev­ery­where and pulls her­self up on the sofa. And the trousers that de­liv­ered Erin?

Washed, ironed and worn again un­til I lost the two-baby weight. The way Erin came into the world might have been pants, but thank good­ness I wasn’t wear­ing the wrong trousers!

El­iz­a­beth couldn’t wait to meet her baby sis­ters

The twins are now 10 months

The harem pants that caught Erin!

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