A prince among men

For fans of ITV’S Vic­to­ria, he’s heart­throb Prince Al­bert, but to Tom Hughes’ mates – and girl­friend Jenna Cole­man – he’s just one of the lads in the pub


He’s TV roy­alty, but you’ll find Tom Hughes in the pub, says Rosie Green

Iar­rive at Red’s photo shoot to find all eyes (es­pe­cially the fe­male ones) fix­ated on Tom Hughes. He is be­hind a large white screen be­ing snapped, but his face ap­pears 3ft-wide on the mon­i­tor. Star­ing out from it are the in­tense blue eyes and chis­elled cheek­bones that first en­rap­tured world-renowned pho­tog­ra­pher Mario Testino, then a raft of cast­ing agents and now the women of the UK. His mere pres­ence raises the al­ready swel­ter­ing tem­per­a­tures in the room (we’re mid heat­wave in July).

Mo­ments later, Hughes, 32, comes off-set dressed in a grey jumper, look­ing cool, lit­er­ally and metaphor­i­cally, in that clas­sic off-duty ac­tor way. He is en­gag­ing and friendly, im­me­di­ately com­ing over to say hello, ig­nor­ing my prof­fered hand for a kiss on the cheek. His voice has a gen­tle Cheshire lilt. He seems like a Gen­uinely Nice Man.

We walk to a pub at the end of the street. He buys us shandies and an ex­tra Coca-cola for him (no green juices here), turns off his phone when we talk and ig­nores the time limit set by his agent (we run half an hour over). He does not give the im­pres­sion there is some­where else he’d rather be (even though I’m sure there is).

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