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LIBRA 23rd Sep-23rd Oct

Lucky Jupiter leav­ing Libra can’t be good, can it? Ac­tu­ally, Jupiter is now mov­ing into your cash and prop­erty zone – and wher­ever Jupiter goes, good luck fol­lows. So this au­gurs well – but do avoid over-spend­ing.

SCORPIO 24th Oct-22nd Nov

The planet of good luck and good times, aka Jupiter, is mov­ing into Scorpio for the first time in over a decade. So you’re about to get lucky in ways you can’t even guess. Pres­sures will be re­lieved. Hap­pier days will be here again very soon. You have luck on your side now (but you do still have to work hard).

SAGITTARIUS 23rd Nov-21st Dec

As the planet of plenty, Jupiter, moves out of your 11th house of friends, ex­pect your so­cial life to calm down a lit­tle. If you have been work­ing too hard and find­ing it dif­fi­cult to find time for fun, you should feel less pres­sured as of now. Also, ex­pand your con­nec­tion to spir­i­tu­al­ity.

How? The first step is to med­i­tate…

CAPRICORN 22nd Dec-19th Jan

You now have Jupiter in your friend­ship zone. Feel like you need more fun in your life? It’s on its way, no mat­ter how in­tense life has been for you. You can make new friends un­der this year-long in­flu­ence and have more fun with the peo­ple you al­ready know and love. Con­sider your­self in­stantly more pop­u­lar.

AQUARIUS 20th Jan-18th Feb

So how are you do­ing pro­fes­sion­ally? If you have big am­bi­tions you’ve yet to re­alise, your chance to make them man­i­fest starts this month. Your time to shine pro­fes­sion­ally starts now. You’ll ex­cel at work if you play to your strengths and show off what is dif­fer­ent about you. Your quirk­i­ness is your for­tune, so don’t hide it.

PISCES 19th Feb-20th Mar

Fancy a bit more travel in the com­ing 12 months? What about some study? Are you in­ter­ested in ex­pand­ing your mind and ex­plor­ing your life philoso­phies? This is the time to stop wor­ry­ing too much about life’s de­tails and in­stead start to think about how you want your life to im­prove and ex­pand.

ARIES 21st Mar-19th Apr

If you want more sex, now is the time to be more as­sertive – in a sexy way. This month also her­alds the start of a bet­ter fi­nan­cial cy­cle for you. A key to sex­ual and fi­nan­cial suc­cess over the com­ing year for you is to work hard and be con­fi­dent. Lady Luck will do the rest, if you make the first move.

TAURUS 20th Apr-20th May

No mat­ter how lack­lus­tre your love life has been lately, you’re about to move to a 12-year high. Astro-truly. Will rub­bish re­la­tion­ships trans­form overnight? Well, they could. How­ever, more likely is if you’re in a toxic re­la­tion­ship you will find the con­fi­dence to do some­thing about that. Sin­gles are set to meet some­one. Happy re­la­tion­ships flour­ish.

GEM­INI 21st May-21st June

With Saturn in your op­po­site sign you need all the light relief you can get, right? Here it comes. Your daily life is about to get hap­pier and eas­ier. Make the most of it by in­tro­duc­ing a daily spir­i­tual prac­tice into your life. Do all the du­ties and at­tend to your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, but give your­self time off for good be­hav­iour.

CANCER 22nd Jun-22nd Jul

If you’re a Cance­rian par­ent, you’ll be pleased to know you’re mov­ing into a great new 12-month cy­cle. In fact, for all Cance­ri­ans (in­clud­ing those hop­ing to be­come par­ents) there is more hap­pi­ness fore­cast for you to do with kids (your own or some­one else’s), cre­ative projects and ro­mance. Life will be less in­tense.

LEO 23rd Jul-23rd Aug

If the sit­u­a­tion with your home life and fam­ily has been tricky, there is good news. The com­ing year will bring lev­ity back into your per­sonal life. Ex­pect to have more fun and to en­joy where you live more too. If you’re dream­ing of ex­tend­ing your home, mov­ing town or even coun­try, you have amaz­ing stars.

VIRGO 24th Aug-22nd Sep

Here’s your once-ev­ery-12-years op­por­tu­nity to change your thoughts and change your life, Virgo. You’ll soon find it eas­ier than usual to fo­cus on the pos­i­tive. That means think­ing about what you do want and not think­ing about what you don’t want. When you do this, you can fi­nally break through the Virgo habit of worry and it’ll be life-chang­ing.

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