Icy What You Did There

Want to rack up the points in Pengo? Here are five im­por­tant bits of ad­vice…


break Some EGGS

Ev­ery so of­ten, the game will flash a few ice blocks to show the lo­ca­tion of the Sno-bee eggs. Re­mem­ber these, and if you’re nearby, break the blocks. Not only do you score an easy vic­tory, you also get 500 points in­stead of the 400 you’d get for squash­ing an ac­tive Sno-bee.


If you ever get the op­por­tu­nity to squash more than one Sno-bee at a time, take it – your score will go through the roof. One Sno-bee is worth 400 points, two will earn you 1,600, bag­ging three will net you 3,200, and tak­ing out four re­wards you with a whop­ping 6,400 points.

Di­a­monds Are For­ever

As well as be­ing valu­able for their in­de­struc­tible prop­er­ties, diamond blocks award se­ri­ous bonuses if con­nected – 5,000 points if all are touch­ing the walls, and 10,000 if at least one isn’t. This also stuns all of the Sno-bees in the play­ing field, al­low­ing fur­ther point-scor­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Stone Cold Stunner

If you’re by a wall, kick­ing it will stun any Sno-bees that hap­pen to be ad­ja­cent to the same wall. Although you can now de­feat them sim­ply by walk­ing over them, that only earns 100 points – if you’re by an ice block, you can still claim the full 400 for crush­ing a stunned Sno-bee.

An ice time

Try to com­plete lev­els as quickly as pos­si­ble – do­ing it in un­der a minute will bag you a measly ten bonus points, but if you can do it in un­der 50 sec­onds the re­wards are much bet­ter. Man­age a mirac­u­lous time of less than 20 sec­onds and you’ll get a mas­sive 5,000 point jack­pot.

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