Fight­ers of Des­tiny

The key play­ers in this steel-forged epic



The main pro­tag­o­nist of Samu­rai Shodown, Haohmaru is a ronin whose aim in life is to travel Ja­pan and face ad­ver­saries to per­fect his fight­ing skill. His de­sign is loosely based on the leg­endary swords­man Miyamoto Musashi, who fa­mously re­mained un­de­feated in over 60 du­els.

ukyo Tachibana

Another iconic char­ac­ter, and one that is present in most of the games in the Samu­rai Shodown se­ries, Ukyo is an ex­pert Iai­jutsu swords­man who fights de­spite his body be­ing plagued by tu­ber­cu­lo­sis. Like Haohmaru, he is based on a his­tor­i­cal Ja­panese swords­man, Sasaki Ko­jirō, the neme­sis of Miyamoto Musashi.

Gal­ford d Weller

One of Samu­rai Shodown’s nu­mer­ous ninja char­ac­ters, Gal­ford is an Amer­i­can sailor-turned­ninja who – along with his faith­ful husky Poppy – fights for jus­tice and to van­quish evil wher­ever he finds it. In­ter­est­ingly, his char­ac­ter was re­port­edly based on a char­ac­ter in the

Ja­panese manga An­i­mal Doc­tor, who also owns a husky.

Hanzo Hat­tori

Hanzo is di­rectly based on the real his­tor­i­cal char­ac­ter Hat­tori Hanzō, the most fa­mous samu­rai of the Sen­goku era and leader of the pow­er­ful Iga ninja clan. Hanzo is not only the coolest ninja in Samu­rai Shodown, and one that has ap­peared in ev­ery it­er­a­tion to date, but maybe in any game ever.

kyoshiro sen­ryo

A fa­mous Kabuki theatre star who also pos­sesses ex­cel­lent skill with a nag­i­nata (a Ja­panese bladed pole), Kyoshiro

– whose first name trans­lates as

‘dy­ing in­sane’ in Ja­panese – is one of

Samu­rai Shodown’s most colour­ful and crazy char­ac­ters. His fight­ing style is based largely on kabuki dance moves and ges­tures.

Gen-an shi­ranui

A dis­ci­ple of ‘the way of evil’ (the bad­die’s way of choice, no doubt), Gen-an is one of Samu­rai Shodown’s most dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ters and, if you look closely, you’ll see po­ten­tial nods to both Street Fighter’s Blanka and A Night­mare On Elm Street’s Fred­die Kruger. Gen-an is a mem­ber of the feared Shi­ranui clan and at­tempts to kill Amakusa.

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