Be­come The ul­ti­mate hit­man

The best meth­ods to as­sas­si­nate your tar­get


fi­bre wire

Make good use of agent 47’s go-to weapon when he’s try­ing to be silent. Be­ware, though, be­cause hav­ing it out in open will cause guards to shoot at you. it’s a de­sign de­ci­sion that’s not log­i­cal – be­cause surely agent 47 can hide it in his sleeve? the quirk was even­tu­ally fixed for Blood Money.

kitchen knife

the early Hong Kong lev­els fea­ture a fair few kitchens and their share of chefs. Ergo, there are plenty of kitchen knives are ly­ing around for agent 47 to snap up like a klep­to­ma­niac mur­der ma­chine. sink one into the flesh of the near­est cook and steal their uni­form while you’re at it.

sniper ri­fle

in Co­de­name 47, you can take out en­e­mies from afar with ei­ther the Blaser Jagdwaf­fen r93 or the Walther Wa2000 sniper. Just make sure you pack the deadly weapons away in their trusty suit­case and leg it out of the area once you’re done – a good hit­man doesn’t leave a trace… other than the bullet, of course.


Why not throw cau­tion to the wind with the mini­gun? it be­comes avail­able near the end of

Hit­man, start­ing in the Plu­to­nium runs Loose mis­sion where it can be bought for $10,750. it’s also lo­cated in a main­te­nance room in the fi­nal level, Meet Your Brother, so use it to dis­pose of ort-meyer in style.


this would be em­pha­sised even more in later games, but Co­de­name 47 is open to the way you want to play it, and if that means wag­ing war Rambo-style with a shot­gun in hand, so be it. For your blood­thirsty ef­forts, you will be re­warded with a cloud of giblets. very Sol­dier Of For­tune in­deed.

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