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War­spite is a space-bound scrolling shooter based loosely on the Tha­la­mus clas­sic Delta that was orig­i­nally des­tined for a budget re­lease, but ended up be­ing given away through the Com­modore 64 demo scene.

De­stroy­ing an en­tire wave of at­tack­ing en­e­mies or a boss will change which icon in the power-up bar at the bot­tom of the screen is high­lighted – there are three for ex­tra speed, more bul­lets and a shield – and, when the de­sired icon is lit, a slap of the space bar ac­ti­vates it. These ex­tra weapons don’t last how­ever, so they will need the oc­ca­sional top up to keep them ac­tive.

More in­for­ma­tion about War­spite’s his­tory and a down­load can be found at Games That Weren’t be­hind Kik­ war­spite-c64 – please note that there’s some harsh lan­guage in the game’s trainer menu.

[C64] En­ter­ing the space city and de­feat­ing some en­e­mies.

[C64] The boss isn’t ex­actly pleased to see an in­vad­ing space­ship.

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