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dear retro gamer, i’m thor­oughly look­ing for­ward to read­ing this month’s cover story, and would like to make my own case for the de­fence of Pac-man on the 2600.

my­self and my pals and cousins were about ten years old when Pac­man reached the con­sole, and we don’t re­mem­ber any dis­sat­is­fac­tion or com­plaint about the game. We knew, even back then, that con­soles couldn’t yet match the ar­cade, and those who didn’t visit ar­cades wouldn’t know any dif­fer­ent, ob­vi­ously.

Pac-man seemed like… Pac-man. it played well, it was fun, and its zany sound and ba­sic graph­ics were part of its char­ac­ter. for ex­am­ple, the ‘scared blue ghosts’ of whom the flick­er­ing rep­re­sented their fear! tom Van­heems we’ve had quite a few emails this month sim­i­lar to Ben and tom’s. It would ap­pear that even now, nearly four decades af­ter its orig­i­nal re­lease, todd’s con­ver­sion of Pac-man de­lights peo­ple as much as it an­noys them. Pac-man on atari 2600 may not be the most ac­cu­rate of con­ver­sions, but it re­mains fun to play and ul­ti­mately that’s all the mat­ters. Isn’t it?

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