Clas­sic Mo­ments: Shi­nobi

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Dar­ran re­counts all his favourite bits from Sega’s hit ar­cade game

» Plat­form: Ar­cade » re­leased: 1987 » de­vel­oper: Sega

We’ve lost count of the num­ber of ar­cade games that would wow you be­tween lev­els with a fast and fran­tic bonus stage. Some, like The Simp­sons, sim­ply re­quire you to bash but­tons as quickly as pos­si­ble in or­der to blow up a bal­loon to es­cape on; while oth­ers, like Street Fighter II, task you with smash­ing up a car as quickly as pos­si­ble by… you’ve guessed it, bash­ing but­tons as man­i­cally as you could.

Shi­nobi’s bonus round is also a but­ton-basher of sorts, but it also re­quires far more skill than many of its peers. Sure, you can sim­ply ham­mer the fire but­ton to send shuriken fly­ing from Joe Musashi’s hands, but brute force alone isn’t enough to suc­ceed, you need to guide those fly­ing stars of death to their tar­gets as well. Tri­umph and you are treated to a ‘Per­fect’ sign spelt out in fans and re­ceive a bonus life for your trou­bles. Fail and you end up be­ing con­fronted by this guy, in­stead. Need­less to say, we al­ways pre­fer to go for the ex­tra life.

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