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Fans of Jeff’s early work will im­me­di­ately recog­nise this re­boot of one of his defin­ing ti­tles, which in turn was his nod to the Atari 2600’s The Em­pire Strikes Back, sub­sti­tut­ing giant camels for AT-AT walk­ers. “I just wanted to do a nicer ver­sion of At­tack Of The Mu­tant Camels,” he ex­plains. “The orig­i­nal was clunky and by this time I’d done the Atari ver­sion, which had lots more colour and a scrolling fore­ground, so I wanted to do that on the C64. Plus I was able to draw bet­ter camels. The orig­i­nal ones had looked like two fat men in a camel suit.” The way the camels squat and jump is also nicely han­dled here and is a tes­ta­ment to how Jeff’s cod­ing skills had de­vel­oped in just two years. “I’d worked out how to do a smooth scroll so yeah, it was tech­ni­cally more ac­com­plished,” he agrees. “In fact, I think it’s prob­a­bly the best ver­sion of AMC there is.” Jeff also used this re­vis­it­ing to cor­rect one other is­sue from the orig­i­nal that had al­ways both­ered him. “Ever since the first game, I felt guilty about en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to at­tack camels. So I made it that it wasn’t the camels fault be­cause they were tele­path­i­cally con­trolled. I knew if I was bring­ing them back, they had to be droids… Dro­mod­roids!”

» Jeff re­vis­its Batalyx in the pages of Na­ture Of The Beast, the news­let­ter he pro­duced for Lla­ma­soft fans.

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