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Cippy is, of course, an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of An­cip­i­tal, the goat-man crea­ture who first ap­peared in the su­perla­tive Sheep in Space and re­mains one of Jeff’s favourite cre­ations. “I ab­so­lutely love him,” he beams. “He’s such an ex­cel­lent char­ac­ter and one of these days I re­ally ought to do an­other An­cip­i­tal game. His me­chanic is so nice – walk­ing on walls!” The task here is to tra­verse every sec­tion of the grey plat­forms at the top and bot­tom of the screens, jump­ing be­tween them to avoid gaps, dan­ger zones and an as­sort­ment of en­e­mies. The way the sur­faces change colour as you step on them re­minded us of a cer­tain Got­tlieb coin-op. “I’m sure it was in­spired by Q*bert,” agrees Jeff. “Some en­e­mies even rub out what you’ve painted. I was learn­ing how to do proper grav­ity jumps, that feel­ing of in­er­tia, so when he jumps, he floats.” We like how the goat’s lit­tle legs blur when he gets a good sprint on, like a bovine Char­lie Chap­lin, which looks es­pe­cially com­i­cal dur­ing the bonus lev­els. “I wanted the ef­fect of a stream of Cip­pies, a rain­bow row fol­low­ing him, and you could see the grav­ity re­flected in the nice arc of the goats be­hind. Yeah, it does look a bit trippy. Were any sub­stances in­volved? Nah, noth­ing more than a bit of spliff, re­ally. Peo­ple think I must have been hav­ing all kinds of drugs but all I’ve ever been into is a lit­tle spliff. And maybe a pill or two in later years….”

» [C64] We would love to see Jeff re­visit An­cip­i­tal on mod­ern con­soles. Cippy in VR, per­haps?

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