Retro Gamer - - THE MAKING OF: BATALYX -

Jeff min­ter is unique in the field of videogames. Like a psy­che­delic unicorn, he’s an enigma, and he’s been pro­duc­ing dis­tinc­tive ti­tles for over 35 years, blend­ing fa­mil­iar mo­tifs and me­chan­ics with new tech and in­no­va­tions, of­ten re­vis­it­ing old ideas on dif­fer­ent plat­forms. Has he even con­sid­ered re­turn­ing to Batalyx, re­vamp­ing the con­cept for mod­ern con­soles or even VR? “I’m not sure in this form”, he muses, “but maybe tak­ing one or two of the bits and turn­ing them into big­ger things. All of the games could be taken as sketches for big­ger games. We’ll see. I def­i­nitely don’t look back and think, ‘That’s a bit shit!’ I still en­joy play­ing it. It was me be­ing ex­per­i­men­tal, hence Mama Llama com­ing af­ter it, which some might say was too ex­per­i­men­tal!” That’s a story for an­other day, per­haps.

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