Graph­ics man Shaun Mcclure on the Jaguar, Fal­con and PC ports of Raiden


How did you end up work­ing on Raiden?

Well, I ac­tu­ally wasn’t meant to! The ex­ist­ing artist they were us­ing was pretty crap and the boss (Martin Hoo­ley) was dis­tinctly unim­pressed by his work. The other guy, I won’t tell you his name to save em­bar­rass­ment, was called into Martin’s of­fice and told in much less po­lite terms that his vi­su­als weren’t up to scratch. Then I was called in im­me­di­ately af­ter and asked to save the project. I had only just been hired by Imagitec and it was very un­usual for them to ask the new guy to work on such an im­por­tant ti­tle.

What was it like work­ing with the Jaguar and its graph­ics chip that was so far ahead of any­thing else out there at the time?

It was a god­send! I sud­denly didn’t have to fit ev­ery­thing into one univer­sal pal­ette any­more, which was bliss! I had 256 colours to draw each sprite, more than I had ever had be­fore, and the coders even said I could have mul­ti­ple pal­ettes too if I wanted to get more!

Were you given the orig­i­nal graph­ics?

We had dumped the graph­ics from the ar­cade ma­chine we had in the of­fice, but all the colours were gar­bled and the res­o­lu­tion was wrong, so I ended up hav­ing to com­pletely re­draw most of them.

What pro­gram did you use to recre­ate the graph­ics for Raiden then?

Be­lieve it or not we used Deluxe Paint on the Amiga! Pho­to­shop hadn’t even been in­vented yet and this was the eas­i­est/cheap­est op­tion. It was ac­tu­ally quite re­stric­tive in a way as it only has ac­cess to 4,096 colours and the ma­chines we were tar­get­ing could ac­tu­ally use a lot more!

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