Later ver­sions added to the Amiga and Atari ST’S ‘the­atri­cal re­lease’ – but what were the new scenes?



Af­ter the ini­tial re­lease of An­other World was crit­i­cised for its short length, Éric Chahi added ad­di­tional scenes to the game – by his own ac­count work­ing 16-hour days, seven days a week for two months. These take place shortly af­ter Buddy res­cues Lester from the dead end cor­ri­dor near to the end of the game, and ac­tu­ally add some unique puzzles.

Af­ter Lester and Buddy es­cape the dead end, they end up out­side a guard sta­tion. Buddy walks into it and feigns sur­ren­der – to pass, you’ll need to guide Lester around the out­side and into the back en­trance, al­low­ing Buddy to over­power one guard while you en­gage the other in a gun­fight. Once you’ve passed this, Buddy will throw Lester across a chasm. How­ever, your alien friend fails to make the jump him­self, pre­vent­ing a deadly drop by cling­ing to a cloth shade. To res­cue him you’ll need to fight through a palace, a feat which in­volves bait­ing a guard into blow­ing a hole in the floor with grenades, hold­ing one alien up at gun­point, and set­ting a caged beast free in or­der to scat­ter the wait­ing guards. Once you’ve made it back to Buddy, a floor will ap­pear be­neath him al­low­ing a drop to safety, and the two of you tele­port up to hi­jack a ve­hi­cle.

If noth­ing else, this se­quence shows just how labour-in­ten­sive An­other World was to cre­ate. For all the time that Éric Chahi spent work­ing on it, this ad­di­tional con­tent only lasts about three min­utes if played with­out er­ror. The ad­di­tion is wel­come, but Amiga and Atari ST purists shouldn’t feel too hard done by for not get­ting it.

that the poly­gon graph­ics were “re­fresh­ing and es­sen­tial to the game’s ad­dic­tive­ness”. Re­view­ing the game for The One Amiga, Paul Pres­ley awarded the game 93% and com­mented that “Quick cuts, close-ups and smooth an­i­ma­tion all add to the ten­sion and at­mos­phere cre­ated.” c

rit­i­cisms fo­cused on the game’s short length, rigid­ity and fo­cus on trial-an­der­ror so­lu­tions. In a 90% re­view for Zero, Dun­can Mac­don­ald noted that “this is not to­tally un­like a Don Bluth game,” a sen­ti­ment shared by Tren­ton Webb of Amiga For­mat, who noted that “at its worst An­other World has dis­tinct Dragon’s Lair /Space Ace over­tones”. He also com­plained that, “Time and time again it slays you with no chance or choice, then dumps you back fur­ther than you wanted to go.” De­spite the crit­i­cism, he awarded the game 82% – the game’s low point in the UK press.

Af­ter the ini­tial re­lease, In­ter­play signed up An­other World for an Amer­i­can re­lease (re­named Out Of This World) and con­ver­sion to a va­ri­ety of other plat­forms – but it did re­quire some changes first. The game was ex­tended slightly, with new scenes in­serted im­me­di­ately be­fore Lester and

An­other World is the kind of land­mark game that should be ex­pe­ri­enced by ev­ery­one that cares about the medium

his buddy hi­jack a ve­hi­cle to aid in their es­cape. Ex­tra check­points were added to min­imise frus­tra­tion, and in-game mu­sic was added for the con­sole ver­sions. Fur­ther re­vamped ver­sions be­gan to ap­pear from 1994 with the re­lease of the graph­i­cally over­hauled 3DO game, and Éric Chahi him­self would re­mas­ter the game in 2006 to mark its 15th an­niver­sary. An­other World’s story would be con­cluded in Heart Of The Alien, a much lower profile re­lease for the Mega-cd. Af­ter this, Éric Chahi would work on Heart Of Dark­ness, an am­bi­tious plat­form game that made heavy use of pre­ren­dered 3D and took many years to de­velop.

An­other World is the kind of land­mark game that should be ex­pe­ri­enced by ev­ery­one that cares about the medium. The game sold over a mil­lion copies and achieved crit­i­cal praise. It has been cited as a favourite game by the likes of Hideo Ko­jima (Me­tal Gear Solid ), Kei­ichiro Toyama

(Silent Hill) and Goichi Suda (Killer7). What’s more, there are few ex­cuses not to try it. The game can be com­pleted in an even­ing, and a sig­nif­i­cant ef­fort has been made to keep the game avail­able on mod­ern de­vices. So if you haven’t al­ready, take a jour­ney to An­other World – just try not to step on the grass, as it’ll prob­a­bly kill you.

» [PS4] Buddy is be­ing held up while Lester has to sneak around be­hind his ag­gres­sors. » [Amiga] One short seg­ment of the game re­quires you to swim back through the cave you pre­vi­ously flooded.

» [Amiga] This in­fa­mous swim­ming pool gate­crash was cen­sored in the SNES game, to min­imise the ap­pear­ance of bums. Re­ally.

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