An ode to the ti­tle that kicked off Magic Knight’s star­dom


Where it all be­gan; the first screen of Find­ers

Keep­ers is cer­tainly an iconic one. The king sends you on a mis­sion to find a birth­day present for the princess (maybe she’d love a lump of cheese?) by tele­port­ing you to the cas­tle to find some­thing suit­able. Many hours later, af­ter get­ting lost in a few mazes, do­ing a few trades with Gor­don and tak­ing on a giant cat, you may find that feel­ing of sat­is­fac­tion should you exit the cas­tle tri­umphant. You also may find your­self stuck in the afore­men­tioned maze un­able to es­cape the many ghosts and mon­sters found lurk­ing in the dol­drums and hit­ting the ‘0’ key to start the game again.

Find­ers Keep­ers cap­tured the imag­i­na­tion of many ZX Spec­trum own­ers and just the men­tion of the game brings a smile to the face of many, and went on to spawn more ad­ven­tures for Magic Knight. Who was to know that the game would go on to be­come such a hit a go down as one of the Speccy’s finest? Not only that, but the char­ac­ter would also be­come an icon of the ZX Spec­trum scene as we fol­lowed her ex­ploits through space and time over the fol­low­ing three games.

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