The world war sim­u­la­tor: Part II

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VR has finally ma­tured by the year 3000 to the point where the pop­u­lace spend the ma­jor­ity of their time in vir­tual worlds to avoid deal­ing with the dystopia that sur­rounds them. Pretty much any ex­pe­ri­ence can be cre­ated on a whim, al­low­ing the user to ex­pe­ri­ence and in­deed in­ter­act with any point in hu­man history such as pos­ing for Da Vinci or sit­ting in the front row at a Bea­tles con­cert. But one par­tic­u­lar user named Richard Burton doesn’t want to en­rich him­self in this way and has in­stead de­cided to sim­u­late killing Hitler.

Richard will need to in­fil­trate the bunker, take out guards along the way and, on find­ing their leader, deal with him. De­spite run­ning on state of the art hard­ware, the AI man­ag­ing the sol­diers isn’t par­tic­u­larly bright so they wan­der around in a rather er­ratic man­ner – the best strat­egy is ly­ing in wait un­til one wan­ders into the line of fire, al­though it be­comes a re­ac­tion test when they do – and, when they spot an in­truder, they’re of­ten frus­trat­ingly ac­cu­rate with their shots which means quickly duck­ing in

and out of the each screen to as­cer­tain what threats are present will work far bet­ter than a thud and blun­der ap­proach.

There are some slightly anachro­nis­tic vend­ing ma­chines which freely serve up more am­mu­ni­tion and life-restor­ing med­i­cal packs and, while they might not be par­tic­u­larly fre­quent, Richard can also search the en­vi­ron­ment to find more sup­plies and the keys he’ll need to progress through the bunker. Not touch­ing the mines is ad­vis­able though, since they’ll ex­plode on con­tact.

Strange sce­nar­ios aside, The World War Sim­u­la­tor: Part 2 is a rea­son­able if flawed top down shooter, en­ter­tain­ing but marred by the ran­dom move­ment of the en­e­mies and a few screens with wider en­trances where merely walk­ing in at the wrong po­si­tion can see the ‘hero’ un­fairly gunned down with­out time to even re­treat. That’s frus­trat­ing when it hap­pens, but the game is still playable so more hardy VR warriors might want to try their luck at the mis­sion.

[ZX Spec­trum] Less than stealth­ily deal­ing with one of the pa­trolling guards.

[Am­strad CPC] Im­por­tant keys can be found in the odd­est of places.

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