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plat­form: com­modore 16 » price: free De­vel­oper: fan­tasy Soft­ware DE­SIGNS Down­load: Kik­­iron-c16 It might look a lit­tle like Jeff Min­ter’s clas­sic blaster Gridrun­ner, but the ob­jec­tive in Grid­iron doesn’t in­volve shoot­ing any­thing. In­stead, the player has to col­lect all of the to­kens scat­tered around the grid in or­der to progress to the next area. There are en­e­mies pa­trolling at the edges of the play­field which will sling bul­lets at the player’s craft when they’re aligned with it and, since the col­lectibles on the level are re­set when a life is lost, it’s best to con­cen­trate on sur­vival as a pri­or­ity, gath­er­ing to­kens only when it’s safe to do so.

Grid­iron is fast, fu­ri­ous and chal­leng­ing to the point where all three lives can be lost within mere sec­onds if the player’s con­cen­tra­tion drifts but, along with oc­ca­sion­ally be­ing frus­trat­ing, is fun to play in short, high oc­tane bursts. There’s even a neat lit­tle level de­signer in­cluded for those gamers who fancy be­ing a lit­tle creative.

maybe it’s true here? works with jig­saw puzzles,[C16] Fin­ish­ing the edges first

[C16] You two chaps look fa­mil­iar, have we met be­fore?

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