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Every month, retro Gamer asks a ques­tion on the fo­rum and prints the best replies. This month we wanted to know… What’s your ear­li­est mem­ory of Space In­vaders?

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Bren­dan ran­dall

Played it with my dad in the Ar­cades in about 1979-1980 i was only about four so he used the joy­stick while i mashed the fire but­ton… been hooked on games ever since.

Bruno Pierre

never seen it in ar­cades here in Brazil, only on the Atari 2600.

Dave Dragert

i found the 1978 ar­cade ver­sion at a Pizza hut back in 1980.

robert Forthun Damli

A friend of mine had a neigh­bour, which had Space In­vaders on his com­puter. this was back in the early eight­ies. i re­mem­ber the sounds and thought it was a lot of fun!


My first was the of­fi­cial ar­cade game in late 1978, i walked into an ar­cade and there’s like 120 Space In­vader ma­chines, all lined up row upon row. Let me tell you, it was hard to find a free one! And the sound of all that was amaz­ing and ear-shat­ter­ing. haha.

si­mon mcd

Mil­len­dreath hol­i­day vil­lage, corn­wall, 1982. will have been about six years old. re­mem­ber think­ing that Galaga and Phoenix looked miles bet­ter!

Josey wales

Atari. Aged four. i would play it when my broth­ers were at school. we had a cou­ple other games but Space In­vaders was my favourite. i’d make up my own sto­ry­line while i played.

tim Keel­ing

i used to play it in Kwik save. i think it was the Mid­way ver­sion. i have one of my own now, a taito up­right.


i played some sort of ver­sion on my un­cle’s Pc in the early nineties. Great that such an iconic clas­sic was still one of my very first gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ences, over a decade af­ter it first ap­peared.

[Ar­cade] Space In­vaders has been caus­ing a lot of ar­gu­ments in the of­fice this month.

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