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It’s very un­usual that you find two com­pletely dif­fer­ent se­quels to the same game that, while shar­ing the same nu­meral, have al­most noth­ing else in com­mon, but that is cer­tainly the case with Gaunt­let 3. The year af­ter Epyx and Atari re­leased Gaunt­let: The Third En­counter for the Lynx Bri­tish soft­ware house US Gold pub­lished Gaunt­let III: The Fi­nal Quest. Of course this ti­tle turned out to be very mis­lead­ing as nu­mer­ous se­quels fol­lowed much later on. Hav­ing had such enor­mous suc­cess with its con­ver­sions of the first two games, the mid­lands-based de­vel­oper was des­per­ate for an­other game, so it grabbed the li­cence from Atari Games once again and cre­ated its own. It’s a big de­par­ture from the first two en­tries, though, in sev­eral ways – most no­tably in the use of 3D iso­met­ric-style graph­ics. This means the ac­tion is far less in­tense and the fo­cus be­comes more about the ad­ven­tur­ing side of things. It re­ceived a quite mixed re­cep­tion from the press of the time be­cause of this.

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