A com­par­i­son of the var­i­ous ei­dolon ports



The C64 Ei­dolon was pro­duced in-house, so un­sur­pris­ingly it plays just like the orig­i­nal. it has dif­fer­ent rather than bet­ter sound ef­fects than the Atari ver­sion, and its con­trol panel isn’t as at­trac­tive when time is frozen, but the vis­ual ef­fect it ren­ders when you find a dragon’s lair is more aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing.


An­other Lu­cas­film Games adap­ta­tion that faith­fully trans­lates the orig­i­nal’s de­sign. The Ap­ple ii’s less-pow­er­ful hard­ware re­stricts the port to lower-res, less colour­ful graph­ics, sin­gle-chan­nel pregame mu­sic and less im­pres­sive sound ef­fects, but more im­por­tantly it runs just as fast as its Atari coun­ter­part.


One of four con­ver­sions han­dled by uk de­vel­op­ers

Tony Adams and Tony Porter, the Am­strad Ei­dolon is slower than its Atari in­spi­ra­tion, but on the plus side it’s ren­dered with a brighter pal­ette. The

CPC adap­ta­tion plays a nice ren­di­tion of the orig­i­nal’s in­tro mu­sic, but its sound ef­fects are far more ba­sic.

ZX spec­trum

Like the Am­strad it­er­a­tion, the Spec­trum Ei­dolon runs a lit­tle slower than the orig­i­nal. Also in keep­ing with the

CPC ver­sion, the Spec­trum port re­tains the Atari game’s high-res vi­su­als, al­though pre­dictably it uses less colours. That aside, the ZX Ei­dolon’s only fail­ing is that each level has to be loaded in separately.


De­spite lack­ing speed, al­though no more than the CPC and Spec­trum ver­sions, the MSX2 Ei­dolon is a good trans­la­tion of the orig­i­nal in terms of vi­su­als and its open­ing tune. it’s shy of a few sound ef­fects, which leads to spells of si­lence, but its game­play is iden­ti­cal to the Atari orig­i­nal.


Al­though not per­fect, the PC-88 Ei­dolon is just as fast as the orig­i­nal. its draw­backs are that it lacks colour in cer­tain places, doesn’t quite match the Atari ver­sion’s sound ef­fects and suf­fers from flick­ery char­ac­ter an­i­ma­tion. These mi­nor quib­bles aside, the PC-88 con­ver­sion feels and plays just like its in­spi­ra­tion.

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