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JULY 20 – Katie says, ‘Chris will be my next hus­band.’

AUG 2 – The for­mer glam­our model meets Chris and tells him, ‘If I wasn’t mar­ried, you’d be my type.’

AUG 22 – Chris claims Katie sent him ‘full-on’ mes­sages but he ig­nored them, as Olivia quips, ‘[Katie] was try­ing her luck.’

SEPT 4 – Katie and Olivia pose for an awk­ward selfie.

SEPT 25 – Chris claims in magazine in­ter­views that the mes­sages from Katie were ‘flirty’.

SEPT 26 – Katie de­nies this claim. The same day, Chris shares screen­shots of mes­sages that, he claims, are from Katie.

Katie then hints Chris ‘hid’ his replies to her mes­sages.

SEPT 27 – Katie says, ‘Some celebri­ties should be care­ful with what they say and not “out “peo­ple. It will come back and bite them on the bum.’

SEPT 28 – Chris in­sists he hasn’t replied to Katie, say­ing, ‘I’ve got 14 GCSEs, a uni de­gree, and morals. I ain’t sent s*it.’ A day later, he says he has ‘no re­grets’ about shar­ing the mes­sages.

SEPT 30 – Katie hints that Chris has blocked her, tweet­ing, ‘Just re­mem­ber, the truth al­ways comes out… I’m sit­ting back & #Screen­shot #replies.’

OCT 2 – Olivia dubs Katie ‘tragic’ and in­sists her in­ten­tions were ‘clear’.

OCT 3 – Katie im­plies she has 51 mes­sages from Chris.

Chris then ac­cuses Katie of threat­en­ing him and girl­friend Olivia Attwood.

OCT 4 – Katie says on Loose Women that she’s ‘pas­sive-ag­gres­sive’ in ar­gu­ments and stays ‘quiet’

to ‘an­noy’ peo­ple.

Olivia and Chris are fight­ing back


Katie and Olivia’s awk­ward selfie

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