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My four-year-old son won’t go to bed. What shall I do? Casey, Til­bury

You’re the par­ent, so you de­cide what time you want your child to go to bed. Twenty min­utes be­fore, start a 20-minute ‘wind­ing down’ bed­time rou­tine. If he’s used to go­ing to sleep much later, you may have to bring his sleep time for­ward bit by bit, say 10 min­utes a week. Do the same good­night rou­tine – e.g. read one or two sto­ries, then tuck your child in and say good­night. Give him his favourite toy, and if he gets up, keep tak­ing him back to bed again with as lit­tle fuss as pos­si­ble. Con­sis­tency is the key – and pa­tience.

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