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while Is it safe to eat nuts will I’m breast­feed­ing, or it give my baby an al­lergy? Carolyn, Rain­ham

full Nuts are very nu­tri­tious, re­duce of good fats, and they your risk of heart dis­ease them and can­cer. If you eat while breast­feed­ing, the chances are it will re­duce the risk of your baby de­vel­op­ing a nut al­lergy. Re­searchers found that of when there were traces primed nuts in breast milk, it to ba­bies’ im­mune sys­tems in later cope bet­ter with nuts ate life. Ba­bies whose mums nuts while they were breast­fed of had a 1.7 per cent chance be­com­ing al­ler­gic as chil­dren, but for those whose mums up ate no nuts, the risk was to 10 times higher.

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