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I get the shakes, but it goes away when I drink. Do I have a prob­lem? Bianca, New­port

Not nec­es­sar­ily. You may have a be­nign es­sen­tial tre­mor, which gives you a mild and harm­less form of the shakes. It of­ten runs in fam­i­lies. The tre­mor may re­duce a bit with drink­ing, but that can’t be a reg­u­lar treat­ment. If it’s a big prob­lem, your GP may be able to pre­scribe tablets to calm it down. Some tremors are due to al­co­hol de­pen­dence, thy­roid dis­ease, or are side ef­fects of drugs like caf­feine or salbu­ta­mol for asthma.

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