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Wayne, she’s branded a pushover; if she doesn’t, she gets crit­i­cised for not be­ing a sup­port­ive wife.

‘Dur­ing her low­est mo­ments, it even makes her sec­ond-guess her­self. But one area she’s fully con­fi­dent in is her abil­i­ties as a mum. She lives for those boys and ev­ery­thing she does, ev­ery de­ci­sion she makes, is to give them a bet­ter life.

‘She is very switched on and knows how im­por­tant it is to have a healthy preg­nancy. She knows stress can af­fect an un­born baby and she’s do­ing ev­ery­thing she can to make sure she keeps her stress lev­els to an ab­so­lute min­i­mum.’

That in­cludes work­ing out reg­u­larly, do­ing lots of yoga and even tak­ing up mind­ful­ness med­i­ta­tion.

We’re told she’s hired a nu­tri­tion­ist and has been eat­ing a healthy, clean and lean diet, with lots of an­tiox­i­dants and stress­bust­ing foods such as nuts and oily fish.

And, of course, she’s also spend­ing qual­ity time with her mum and close girl­friends – peo­ple who make her laugh and take her mind off any­thing neg­a­tive.

‘The hol­i­day to Dubai was a god­send and re­ally helped her re­lax,’ says our source. ‘She has friends over and she takes the boys on play­dates at her friends’ houses.

‘De­spite ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened, Coleen has blown peo­ple away with how pos­i­tive and re­silient she has been.

‘She’s preg­nant and hor­monal and could have bro­ken down cry­ing time and time again, but she’s stayed strong for her­self, her boys and her baby.’

Coleen suf­fered Wayne’s first in­dis­cre­tions when he bed­ded pros­ti­tutes He­len Wood and Jenny Thomp­son while she was preg­nant with Kai eight years ago. But, since then, he seemed to have grown up and been a good fam­ily man.

Now our source says, ‘Coleen is thaw­ing slightly to­wards Wayne, but they’re still liv­ing pretty sep­a­rate lives and it won’t be made easy for him.

‘He’s back at their home, but Coleen is so busy with her boys, their play­dates, her friends, her fam­ily and planning for baby num­ber four, she has barely seen him.

‘Time will tell if Wayne can heal the rift he caused but, for now, Coleen is be­ing the best mum she can be and tak­ing all the right steps for a stress-free preg­nancy.’

Col has spent time with her par­ents in Bar­ba­dos

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