We’ve now reached week two, so you may al­ready be notic­ing a dif­fer­ence in how you look and feel. This week, it’s all about im­prov­ing your diet and up­ping those work­outs… good luck!

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One thing I’d really like you all to do this week is cut out re­fined sugar and add more wa­ter to your diet – I drink at least three litres a day.

Of­ten, feel­ing hun­gry is ac­tu­ally your body sim­ply telling you that you’re thirsty!

While a lot of peo­ple eat gra­nola for break­fast, it isn’t very healthy. The ma­jor­ity of the time, it’s ba­si­cally pure sugar. If you can, swap it for fruit and yo­ghurt in­stead but, if you must, add a hand­ful of gra­nola (max 30g), or try por­ridge oats in­stead.

Through­out the day, snack on veg, such as pep­pers and car­rots. I love cel­ery sticks with Stil­ton – just don’t have too much of the cheese!

For lunch, I’d rec­om­mend some­thing veg­gie, such as cau­li­flower and salad. I really love cour­getti and quinoa, too. For din­ner, make a tuna wrap filled with veg.

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