Gethin Jones

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Q: What’s your favourite TV show? A: Suits. I’m ob­sessed, and it’s ru­in­ing my life. I love Donna Paulsen [played by Sarah Raf­ferty]. She’s my crush! Meghan Markle is bril­liant as well. It’s weird be­cause she’s just got en­gaged in the show. I won­der what Harry would say about that?

Q: What’s your favourite TV theme tune?

A: Strictly Come Danc­ing, it brings back such good mem­o­ries.

Q: What’s your most an­noy­ing TV habit?

A: My nephew, Alby, rewinds ev­ery­thing all the time. It really drives me crazy, but I love him so much, he gets away with it!

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