Avon Spirit ST tyres Ex­pect to pay £100 front, £130-150 rear

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I’M IM­PRESSED by th­ese tyres. Fit­ted to the Kawasaki Z1000SX, they’ve gone a long way to speed­ing/light­en­ing the steer­ing com­pared with the leaden OE Bridge­stone S20s. Feel in the dry is good, they’re stable at high speeds and they in­spire con­fi­dent cor­ner­ing. They’re good in the wet too. The tread pat­tern fea­tures what Avon call “3D sipes” as well as a fairly deep main tread pat­tern. I haven’t had any wheel­spins or slips in the wet (and there’s been a lot of wet rid­ing this sum­mer). I’ve done just over 3000 miles on them now and the back hasn’t squared off at all – I’d ex­pect to see at least 6000 from the rear, which is pretty good on a heavy, tourquey, fast bike like the SX. In other words, the Spirit STS are very de­cent tyres and well priced too. SW

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