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Pil­lion and lug­gage

Apol­o­gise to your near­est and dear­est be­cause there is no place for a pil­lion on the Bob­ber. There is no af­ter­mar­ket ac­ces­sory seat to fit ei­ther. Amaz­ingly, given the puny tank range, there are some lug­gage op­tions avail­able though. Tri­umph makes a leather and waxed cotton pan­nier set that is water re­sis­tant (not wa­ter­proof). Each bag has 13.8 litres of ca­pac­ity and can be mounted in­di­vid­u­ally. They cost £450 each and take a dealer 45 min­utes to fit.

Con­trols and func­tions

A re­fresh­ingly con­ven­tional lay­out makes the Bob­ber’s con­trols re­ally easy to use. The right-hand switchgear has a com­bined kill-switch and starter but­ton, with a hazard light switch, and ‘M’ mode but­ton to tog­gle between the Road and Rain maps. The left-hand switchgear fea­tures the horn but­ton, in­di­ca­tors and high and low beam switches. There’s also the ‘I’ but­ton that scrolls through the trip com­puter — a small LCD screen within the ana­logue speedome­ter and pro­vides A and B trip me­ters, both av­er­age and live mpg, tank range, clock, odome­ter and rpm. You also get the abil­ity to dis­play the cur­rent trac­tion con­trol sta­tus, se­lect­ing between ‘off’ or ‘on’ by hold­ing in the ‘I’ but­ton, but it re­sets to the on po­si­tion af­ter the ig­ni­tion is turned off. The LCD screen also in­cor­po­rates a small fuel gauge with an eight-bar se­quence. The speedome­ter unit it­self can be moved for­ward or back­wards by a re­lease lever to suit rider pref­er­ence.

Un­der the seat

The Bob­ber’s seat can­not be re­moved in the con­ven­tional man­ner, mean­ing that there’s no un­der­seat stor­age. But in lieu of this, Tri­umph has made pro­vi­sion for ad­just­ment. By re­mov­ing three Torx bolts, the seat can be be taken off its sub­frame. Then, by loos­en­ing two 17mm bolts, the seat can slide back­wards on its mount­ing bracket and re­bolted in place to give the rider more leg room.

“Apol­o­gise - there is no place for a pil­lion on the Bob­ber”

Even the Bob­ber’s de­cals are retro-cool Non-ad­justable rear shock can be re­placed with optional Tri­umphap­proved FOX ver­sion Stan­dard is­sue bars sit low but are easy to use De­spite its ap­pear­ance, the Bob­ber is nim­ble and sur­pris­ingly sup­ple Black...

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