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Wear­ing a set of two-piece leathers and boots, we timed how long it took to put each suit on and scored them ac­cord­ingly. If the suit could be donned in un­der 1m 30s, it scored three points; if it took between 1m 30s and two min­utes, it scored two points and if it took more than two min­utes, it scored one point.

We then stood un­der a run­ning shower for five min­utes wear­ing each suit and moved around to sim­u­late the move­ment of a rider (crouch­ing into a rid­ing po­si­tion, turn­ing as if look­ing over your shoul­der etc). We wore a pale-coloured body suit un­der­neath the wa­ter­proofs so that damp patches from any water which seeped in could be eas­ily spot­ted. The suits were marked out of three: if no water seeped in, three points were awarded; if a lit­tle water seeped in, two points were given; and if lots of water got through, the suit only earned one point. A wa­ter­proof neck tube was worn to en­sure water did not find its way in down the neck and a hel­met was also worn, in or­der to de­flect water in a more re­al­is­tic man­ner.

The suits were also as­sessed for gen­eral build qual­ity (are they so thin that they’re likely to rip the first time you catch them on some­thing?) and ex­tra fea­tures and func­tion­al­ity, like whether they have pock­ets and re­flec­tive pip­ing to aid vis­i­bil­ity. Value was also taken into ac­count, as there seems lit­tle point in spend­ing £100 to stay dry when a £50 suit can do it just as suc­ces­fully.

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