View from the back

Alex is Gra­ham’s 18-year-old son, who reg­u­larly tours with his dad on the back of the 2006 Gold Wing.

RiDE (UK) - - Old V New -

“I go away to Bel­gium with my dad a fair bit, so I do plenty of miles as a pil­lion. Dad’s Gold Wing is much bet­ter than his Har­ley — it’s more like a proper seat than just jump­ing around on the back on a pad. And when you hit a bump on the Har­ley it feels like you’re about to fall off; it’s hard to re­lax. On the Gold Wing, you just sit there and don’t need to do any­thing. There’s so much more room than on the Har­ley too — I of­ten fall asleep on the Honda. The seat is quite high — I can see a fair bit over my dad’s head.

“The first thing I no­ticed about the new bike is the seat is a lot harder — but in a good way; it’s not un­com­fort­able over a short dis­tance and I think it might be good over longer pe­ri­ods too — the old bike can get a bit hot at the back. And the new bike’s pil­lion seat is a bit higher than the old bike. I like the arm­rests, be­cause they’re ac­tu­ally rests for your arms. And there’s a bit more over­all room too.

“The DCT feels a lot smoother for me than my dad’s gear­box — there’s not the same clunk, es­pe­cially be­tween first and sec­ond gear. But the new bike’s sus­pen­sion is a lot more bouncy. It re­acts to bumps more — over re­ally bumpy roads I’m ac­tu­ally com­ing right out of the seat, where on the old bike I’d just be sit­ting there. So for that rea­son, on bal­ance, I think I’d choose the old bike to go for a long ride — it’s just a bit more re­laxed.”

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