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I MUST have missed the ar­ti­cle in the Ob­server.

Maybe it was buried on page 6 or 7 – just af­ter the re­port of a se­ri­ous chip pan fire at Mrs Gid­din’s house.

Which ar­ti­cle, I hear you ask?

Well, the one that said that buried trea­sure had been found on Whitworth Road. Or was it King Arthur’s skele­ton? Or they may have struck oil.

Any­way, what­ever it was, I missed it; which was an­noy­ing as I was hop­ing for some ex­pla­na­tion why they are dig­ging up Whitworth Road again.

Yes, I do un­der­stand that there are ser­vices run­ning un­der­neath the road and, yes, they do need re­pair­ing now and again but this is just get­ting ridicu­lous.

In fact, I don’t think there has been a sin­gle day this year where there has not been some tem­po­rary traf­fic lights set up some­where along the road.

And even as I thump away at my key­board like a de­mented chimp, there are the dreaded three-way lights at Healey Cor­ner. Again. What on earth is going on? The place will end up with more scars than Jon Snow off Game of Thrones – and, yes, I do watch it.

Maybe it has been caused by wait­ing traf­fic, as most days it is at a stand­still thanks to the new traf­fic lights at Town­head junc­tion. Let’s not get started on that one.

Per­haps the com­bined ef­fect of two miles of mo­torists bang­ing their heads against their steer­ing wheels was too much for the road to take.

We thought we had seen the last of it when they laid the ca­bles all the way down to Rochdale from the new wind gen­er­a­tors up Whitworth – you know, the ones that are now used to power the ket­tle in the coun­cil of­fices at River­side. That seemed to last for months.

And it’s not so much the road­works them­selves which are an­noy­ing as the lack of any­body do­ing any work around them.

Hon­estly, I have seen more ac­tiv­ity at the sloth en­clo­sure at the zoo.

So I am send­ing a plea to United Util­i­ties or Bri­tish Gas or Chan­nel 4 Time Team or who­ever is dig­ging up the road this week please, please just fix it prop­erly so that you don’t have to dig it all up again at the first sign of frost and I don’t have to add an ex­tra day on my jour­ney into town.

Not much to ask, is it?

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