Town cen­tre park­ing can be so con­fus­ing

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RE­GARD­ING your ar­ti­cle “Cost of town cen­tre park­ing to rise” from 26-08-17:

I sus­pect many peo­ple have not yet re­alised the com­plex­ity of the new car park­ing reg­u­la­tions around the town cen­tre.

You now have to take note of the list of park­ing lo­ca­tions on the sign board of the par­tic­u­lar one you are us­ing and make sure that you don’t use any other of the car parks listed, later in the same day.

Al­ter­na­tively, you can con­sult the ta­bles at: park­ing-roads-and­trans­port//Pages/ coun­cil-car-parks.aspx

Now, is that go­ing to in­crease trade or in­crease the num­ber of park­ing fines, do you think?

Only one visit to the shops al­lowed per day. What if you have a car full of shop­ping and need to buy more?

No more park­ing on Reed Hill for York­shire Street and then go­ing to park at Dunelm, be­cause those are in the same ta­ble, but it seems you can use the Town Hall Square first, in­stead.

The sign boards say park­ing is free on Bank Hol­i­days, but don’t men­tion Sun­days.

They also say you must AL­WAYS dis­play a ticket. When I asked a war­den, be­cause the ma­chine wouldn’t give me a ticket, she said you do not have to do so on Sun­days and Bank Hol­i­days.

The ta­bles on the web­site seem to in­di­cate that you can’t park any­where at all Satur­days.

Near the top of the board, it says you can’t re­turn, but at the bot­tom it says you can re­turn if within the same charg­ing pe­riod.

Lots of gap­ing holes in the reg­u­la­tions down which to fall and get fined. All very con­fus­ing!

Mil­ton Street East (next to the baked-bean-can which is No.1 River­side) is re­served for per­mit hold­ers, with no time limit. I won­der who they are, and why any­one can’t use it at week­ends when the coun­cil is shut?

If it IS for Coun­cil work­ers, what about the shop and of­fice work­ers? Can they get a per­mit, be­ing work­ers in the town cen­tre too?

Of course, both of the Mil­ton Street car parks are soon to be re­placed by the forth­com­ing empty shop­ping cen­tre mon­stros­ity, so there will be even less ground-level park­ing and I think we all like ground level park­ing the best.

You couldn’t make it up, but they have, and ●●This pic­ture of a King­fisher was sub­mit­ted by Terry An­gus. Email your pic­tures to us at rochda­le­oberver@men­ or upload them to we’ve paid for them to do it!

My head is hurt­ing now” Roger Heap


LIKE many vis­i­tors to Rochdale town cen­tre I am con­sis­tently find­ing my­self driv­ing round in cir­cles look­ing for a park­ing spot in the main carpark.

I used to think it was busy with shop­pers, but oh no. It’s chocker with coun­cil staff and shop work­ers, iron­i­cally shop­pers like me have to look else­where!

I thought the three hours free would maybe stop them park­ing there all day, leav­ing space for shop­per; I was wrong.

While parked up wait­ing for the wife (I couldn’t leave the car and car park be­cause I couldn’t find a space) I saw loads of coun­cil staff pop­ping over the road to buy a ticket be­fore duck­ing back into River­side.

This is just plain wrong. The coun­cil should make all staff and shop work­ers/ of­fice staff park in the outer car parks and not let them block up the best car park in the cen­tre.

And while my blood’s boil­ing: I com­pletely agree that the van parked on the pave­ment should have been given a ticket. The driver was break­ing the law, it’s as sim­ple as that.

I read your ar­ti­cle on the is­sue and I sim­ply don’t be­lieve that there was no where else for him to park!

Once you let one off. Michael Paul Smith Old­ham Road

●●Roger Heap says the new town cen­tre car park­ing reg­u­la­tions can be com­plex

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