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I UN­DER­STAND the en­thu­si­asm for dump­ing the blame for what hap­pened at Cam­bridge House half a cen­tury ago on Rochdale coun­cil (Ob­server 23 Septem­ber). It’s the old story of ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’.

But there are other in­di­vid­u­als and or­gan­i­sa­tions equally guilty of bring­ing about a sit­u­a­tion which led to Cyril Smith never hav­ing to an­swer for his ac­tions. The later Mr Roger Chad­wick is on record as say­ing that he ob­tained ‘no­tarised’ state­ments from some of the young men in­volved in the mid 1960s which he passed on to the then Chief Con­sta­ble and the then Labour agent.

Af­ter the Rochdale Al­ter­na­tive Pa­per, RAP, pub­lished a well­re­searched ac­count of Cyril’s an­tics, based upon af­fi­davits sworn by the young men on the re­ceiv­ing end, in April/ May 1979, the lo­cal, re­gional and na­tional press de­clined to run the story and the Rochdale elec­torate ig­nored it. The re­sult was Cyril was re­turned to par­lia­ment with an in­creased ma­jor­ity, the Lib­eral lead­er­ship could downplay his an­tics and he re­mained an MP for 13 more years.

It was only through the per­sis­tence of John Walker, co-ed­i­tor of RAP and Brian Bam­ford, a jour­nal­ist who for years had tried to pre­vent the RAP ar­ti­cle be­ing for­got­ten, the story of what had hap­pened at Cam­bridge House fi­nally be­came pub­lic knowl­edge.

In July 2012 they re-lo­cated a man who had been one of the sub­jects of the RAP ar­ti­cle and an­other man who had been the at the hos­tel, but who had never been in­ter­viewed by the po­lice or by RAP.

Their ac­counts came to the at­ten­tion of po­lit­i­cal blog­ger Paul Waugh who in­ter­viewed one of the men and later drew Si­mon Danczuk’s at­ten­tion to the story.

What hap­pened at Cam­bridge House wasn’t about ‘sex’ it was about abuse of power. There is no need to sen­sa­tion­alise it to suit present day pruri­ence. Les May Cres­cent Road


I’VE watched the news from Granada let­ting us know about the child abuse which was go­ing on at Knowl View etc some 40 years ago.

I felt sick to the stom­ach.

Just what have we got run­ning this once lovely town?

Shame on all you who knew about it and didn’t do any­thing about it. You are also guilty - as much as the per­pe­tra­tors.

How could you al­low it to be go­ing on? You were spineless the lot of you!

Shame on you! Shame! shame! shame!

I can hon­estly say that the only politi­cian of re­cent times who had any guts was Si­mon Danczuk. He, at least, wasn’t afraid of speak­ing up. Yet look what has hap­pened.

He dared to speak out and that is ex­actly what the peo­ple who knew what was go­ing on with the chil­dren should have done.

How could this have gone on and this place we live in al­lowed it? Doris Ab­dul Rochdale


COUN­CIL want to pro­mote foot­ball/rugby pitches through­out the bor­ough ben­e­fit­ing many young­sters in many ways but in the pre­vi­ous Ob­server it had an ar­ti­cle show­ing Andy Kelly con­cerned that the Soc­cer Vil­lage at Birchin­ley Manor may have houses built on it.

Has our coun­cil for­got­ten this area? Cu­ri­ous, Rochdale ●●This im­age, ti­tled Early morn­ing break­fast, was sub­mit­ted by Eileen Thomp­son. Email your pic­tures to rochda­le­ob­server@men­media.co.uk or up­load them to flickr.com/groups/rochdalepics


IT’S dis­grace­ful that our coun­cil are mov­ing what’s left of the stall­hold­ers to Lord Square, un­even ac­cess with the steps from the old Lloyds Bank.

Why can’t they move into the Beales build­ing?

These stall­hold­ers are strug­gling to make a liv­ing but our coun­cil is push­ing them from pil­lar to post. Mar­ket Browser


A BLACK hole of £33 mil­lion cuts to be made.

This would be smaller if 58 greedy coun­cil­lors and lead­ers didn’t re­ward them­selves with a scan­dalous 34 per cent rise in their pock­ets.

This money should have been used for vi­tal ser­vices.

And which peo­ple are go­ing to have more suf­fer­ing? The sick, dis­abled and el­derly. Carer Rochdale

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