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The gale of Wed­nes­day night and Thurs­day morn­ing left be­hind a trail of wreck­age in Smallbridge and War­dle. Hen pens and a large hoard­ing were blown down, house roofs badly dam­aged, trees up­rooted, and other wreck­age caused. For­tu­nately, no per­sonal in­jury was in­flicted so far as we can as­cer­tain. ●●LADIES’ GEN­ER­OUS OF­FER

On the min­utes of the Health Com­mit­tee, Coun Ed­ward Thomas read the fol­low­ing let­ter which, he said, he re­ceived from Miss L. P. Kemp:

Will you kindly tell the Health Com­mit­tee that four ladies are pre­pared to of­fer them the ser­vices of Dr May, pay­ing her salary for the du­ra­tion of the war, though they would not pledge them­selves be­yond five years should the war con­tinue longer. They pro­pose that Dr May should work un­der the Med­i­cal Of­fi­cer of Health, tak­ing charge of the ma­ter­nity and in­fant wel­fare work and in­spect­ing mid­wives, and re­sid­ing at Spring­field House as soon as it is opened as a ba­bies’ hos­pi­tal. Dr May asks af­ter the first three months, £300 a year, with board and res­i­dence, and an an­nual in­crease of £25 un­til £400 is reached. Dr May would ex­pect the ap­point­ment to be con­tin­ued af­ter the war if mu­tu­ally sat­is­fac­tory to her and the Health Com­mit­tee. She is greatly in­ter­ested in the work and has had good ex­pe­ri­ence. Coun Thomas said the Health Com­mit­tee had passed a res­o­lu­tion thank­ing Miss Kemp and the other ladies for their gen­er­ous of­fer, and rec­om­mend­ing the coun­cil to ac­cept.


PRI­VATE J HOWARTH. Pri­vate Jesse Howarth (pic­tured) of the Royal Army Med­i­cal Corps has been awarded the Mil­i­tary Medal for res­cu­ing a wounded com­rade un­der heavy shell fire dur­ing the bat­tle of Menin Road. He is the only son of Mr and Mrs T Howarth of Reser­voir Street, Belfield.

GUN­NER F PARKIN­SON. For fir­ing his gun un­der heavy shell fire dur­ing a bomb­ing raid by the Ger­mans, Gun­ner Frank Parkin­son (pic­tured) of the Royal Field Ar­tillery, has been awarded the Mil­i­tary Medal. His par­ents re­side at 6 Count Street, Rochdale.

SERGEANT F POOLE. Sergeant Fred­er­ick Poole (pic­tured) of the Ma­chine Gun Corps (whose wife re­sides at Henry Street, Rochdale) has been dec­o­rated with the Mil­i­tary Medal for de­vo­tion to duty in the field. For a long pe­riod he resided in the Littleborough dis­trict, where he was well known.


In the of­fi­cial list of names of ladies who have been brought to the no­tice of the Sec­re­tary of State of War for valu­able ser­vices ren­dered in the nurs­ing of wounded sol­diers, the fol­low­ing names ap­pear:

Miss M. Ash­worth (sis­ter), Birch Hill Hos­pi­tal, Dearn­ley.

Miss A. Lye (su­per­in­ten­dent), Birch Hill Hos­pi­tal, Dearn­ley.

Miss M. Mor­gan (sis­ter), the In­fir­mary, Rochdale.

Miss A. Ormerod (su­per­in­ten­dant), Castle­ton House Auxiliary Hos­pi­tal, Rochdale.

Miss S. E. Scar­bor­ough (sis­ter), the In­fir­mary, Rochdale.

Miss M. Stott (sis­ter), Birch Hill Hos­pi­tal, Dearn­ley. Miss A. Ward (sis­ter), Birch Hill Hos­pi­tal, Dearn­ley.

Mrs He­len Gadd, the wife of Lieu­tenant-Colonel W. L. Gadd, V.D., R.G.A., sis­ter-in-law of Mrs Bax­ter of St James Vicarage, Rochdale. Dur­ing the whole pe­riod of the war, Mrs Gadd has been com­man­dant of the Yacht Club Auxiliary Hos­pi­tal, Gravesend. ●●A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY

“IN the dark­est hour you should keep your eye open for the dawn. We are now in the dark­est stages of the war, but what is dark for us is im­pen­e­tra­ble black­ness for the en­emy. All th­ese peace kites that are fly­ing about mean so many in­di­ca­tions which her­ald the dawn which can­not be far off.” Gen­eral Smuts.

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