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AR­TI­SAN pop-up ven­ture wants to buy Rawten­stall mar­ket. The or­gan­is­ers of the Clog Mar­ket want to run the Newchurch Road mar­ket as a pri­vate en­ter­prise (Septem­ber 29)

Jackie Buck­ley: I am a trader in Rawten­stall mar­ket, it would be a bet­ter idea if Jane talked to the traders who do a fan­tas­tic job de­spite neg­a­tive peo­ple, who might I add prob­a­bly have not been to the mar­ket for a num­ber of years and have no idea what is on there. We are try­ing des­per­ately to make our mar­ket great, if all the peo­ple who poo poo it came down to the Mar­ket now and again it could make a dif­fer­ence.

There are some empty stalls in­side and out­side that Jane could use, so why not think about do­ing that first, get to know the traders and what the peo­ple of Rawten­stall who use the mar­ket on a reg­u­lar ba­sis want

The Clog Mar­ket I don’t think for one minute the traders do any­thing but a fan­tas­tic job

Kymmy Lou But­ter­worth: I love the mar­ket I al­ways have you guys are so friendly and down to earth I don’t of­ten get chance to come down but I know my lit­tle girl for one loves the sweet stall! It’s nice to have a mar­ket that still feels like a com­mu­nity not a trav­el­ling trade post

Belle Se­bas­tian What the mar­ket needs is rein­vest­ment not sell­ing on so it ends up be­ing an over­priced nov­elty mar­ket rather than a thriv­ing, di­verse one.

Ly­dia Brind­ley: All well and good but there’s still no park­ing around there ..needs money putting into it which is had never had by the coun­cil all they’ve ever done is take rent money.

Bev­er­ley Eb­o­rall: There’s five car parks nearby and four of which are within 100 yards. It def­i­nitely doesn’t need more park­ing.

Pete Costello: There’s not enough park­ing in Rawten­stall full stop .... should of put more spa­ces where the bus sta­tion is go­ing.

Ly­dia Brind­ley: Didn’t think there was enough ..peo­ple want ac­cess to car parks so they can shop in other places other than the town’s su­per­mar­kets.

Nigel Harper: Car park at the rear. One op­po­site the mar­ket newchurch road. One same side Newchurch Road six doors up and op­po­site old pet shop and yet another Daisy Hill

Mil­lie & Rubys Dog

Bak­ery I think this a fab­u­lous idea, Jane is an in­spi­ra­tion and would make the mar­ket vi­brant, ex­cit­ing place to shop and trade. We at Mil­lie & Rubys Dog Bak­ery would def­i­nitely be in­terred in host­ing a stall.

Rachel Hart­ley: In­ter­est­ing idea. There are lots of empty stalls out­side on Satur­days and it would tempt peo­ple into the hid­den in­side area. But I do like the cur­rent lo­ca­tion of the Clog Mar­ket. It’s nice and open and eas­ily seen from the main road draw­ing peo­ple in.

Lizzie Ri­ley-Ha­worth: Def­i­nitely! As long as the orig­i­nal stall hold­ers had a say and weren’t pushed out I think it can only be a good thing.

Claire Far­rer: Fab­u­lous idea Jane, look at Al­trin­cham Mar­ket for ex­am­ple, that ven­ture is just so vi­brant

Jay Gansler: And Stock­port Mar­ket. I think it’s once a month they have a Foody Fri­day. Live mu­sic, pop up food stalls, and to­tally agree about Al­trin­cham too.

Nigel Harper. What a great idea it would weed out the dead wood and bring new life in to this tired place.

Natalie Maxwell: Def­i­nitely, might even be a bet­ter idea to open it up Satur­day nights night Far­rier mar­ket in Rad­cliffe and do pop up food nights

Andy Darcy: Yes why not. The lit­tle mar­ket is keep­ing peo­ple in jobs and I still like hav­ing a look round.

Liz Wood­ward: Can only be a good thing! Needs a good spruce up!

Lee Glover: Gotta be an im­prove­ment on how things are now

Si­mon But­ter­worth: Great idea, needs a big RE or­gan­i­sa­tion to make it more open and ap­peal­ing to the pub­lic.

Cor­nelius Tiberius Sped­ster: All good as long as the rents don’t go up to pay for it all. Knock on ef­fect, ev­ery­one suf­fers.

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