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TH­ESE photos show ve­hi­cles parked on double yel­low lines around St Johns school, Stone­fold, with ob­vi­ous dis­re­gard to safety no­tices and con­stricted traf­fic flow.

Maybe it is time we had a park­ing war­den vis­it­ing at 3pm to fine peo­ple, as they ob­vi­ously do not lis­ten to the school staff, who con­stantly try to en­cour­age safe park­ing.

The Spice Rooms on Black­burn Road have of­fered park­ing to the par­ents at school times to al­le­vi­ate the traf­fic prob­lems, but par­ents seem not to care.

There is a safety is­sue here, and the prob­lem needs to be ad­dressed. Rose­mary Ather­ton Ris­ing Bridge Road Hasling­den


I MUST say I have to agree with Annabel Ship­ley’s views on Hasling­den Baths in the Free Press ( Oc­to­ber 20).

Sadly Hasling­den Baths’ time has come and I say this with a heavy heart as I still re­mem­ber my Dad telling me of the great time he had there on the day it opened.

Ring fenc­ing the money raised from sell­ing the East­bank Av­enue site for the con­struc­tion of a new Baths at the Sports Cen­tre is the way to go, and whilst we are at it, make sure we charge double to any de­vel­oper in­ter­ested in buy­ing Rawten­stalls Spin­ning Point Two site.

Hasling­den paid for that con­crete and we want our money back for the baths please! Dave Roth­well War­wick Street Hasling­den


THE Rossendale Scrib­bler could not be more ac­cu­rate in say­ing that parental choice for schools is a myth, ( Rosendale Free Press, 20 Oc­to­ber).

How­ever, he misses the point on the many prob­lems cre­ated by our dys­func­tional ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem.

He says “Dif­fer­ent schools spe­cialise in dif­fer­ent things ..” but does not chal­lenge this il­log­i­cal sys­tem.

On what ba­sis is there any ev­i­dence that chil­dren at the age of 11 need to spe­cialise in par­tic­u­lar sub­jects?

No other coun­tries do this and many pro­duce far bet­ter ed­u­cated peo­ple than we do.

Most don’t even spe­cialise at sixth form level, but wait for ma­ture and broadly ed­u­cated adults to spe­cialise at univer­sity.

Our so called spe­cial­ist sec­ondary schools cre­ate a huge trans­port prob­lem be­cause of par­ents’ per­cep­tion that the lo­cal school de­liv­ers the ‘ wrong’ sub­jects for their child.

If all chil­dren went to their lo­cal school then most could walk or cy­cle, they would be health­ier, fit­ter and more re­cep­tive to learn­ing and there would be far few ve­hi­cles clog­ging up roads and block­ing school en­trances.

In­stead of schools spe­cial­is­ing in a host of ex­clu­sive sub­jects how about all of them spe­cial­is­ing in high qual­ity teach­ing and learn­ing?

How would faith schools fit into this sys­tem?

Ac­cord­ing to a re­cent ComRes sur­vey com­mis­sioned by the Church of Eng­land only 6% of Bri­tish adults met the Church’s def­i­ni­tion of ‘prac­tis­ing Chris­tians’ yet over 22% of all main­tained schools are run by that Church which plans to cre­ate many more.

It is the present Prime Min­is­ter’s pol­icy to al­low all faith schools to in­crease their se­lec­tive ex­clu­siv­ity from 50% to 100% thereby to­tally iso­lat­ing faith com­mu­ni­ties from each other.

Have we not learned from North­ern Ire­land?

Let’s have lo­cal schools for all chil­dren that teach a broad range of sub­jects in­clud­ing the prin­ci­ples of all ma­jor world faiths and no faith.

If par­ents want to bring up their chil­dren with a par­tic­u­lar be­lief then they are free to do so at home or with their re­spec­tive re­li­gious estab­lish­ments, but not at the ex­pense of the state or the health of the com­mu­nity. Colin Hub­bard Whit­worth


RE­GARD­ING the third Bacup THI plan, my con­cern with the new plans is the lo­ca­tion of the pro­posed taxi rank on tower street.

The only trade dis­cus­sion which has ever taken place re­gard­ing taxi rank pro­vi­sion within the new plans was to al­lo­cate two bays in front of the re­lo­cated bus stop on mar­ket street to al­low for dis­abled pas­sen­gers to ac­cess taxi ser­vices af­ter a bus jour­ney not hid­den down a back al­ley, but eas­ily vis­i­ble and ac­ces­si­ble and to al­lo­cate taxi rank spa­ces be­hind the ex­ist­ing bus stops on St James Square.

The taxi trade ap­plied a while back for a taxi rank to be in­stalled with feeder ranks up south street, this ap­pli­ca­tion was blocked by the coun­cil due to po­lice con­cerns that the top part ( the feeder part) be­ing too close to new build houses at the back of the what was once the join­ers arms.

And yet in this plan, not only is the rank closer to res­i­den­tial prop­er­ties than the south street plan was, it ac­tu­ally takes away res­i­den­tial park­ing, mak­ing the res­i­den­tial flats on Tower street more dif­fi­cult to rent out due to lack of park­ing

I re­ally with the coun­cil would learn to in­volve lo­cal busi­nesses be­fore wast­ing money draw­ing up poorly thought out plans. David Lawrie Rossendale Taxi As­so­ci­a­tion


HAV­ING just read in the RFP about the re­jec­tion of plans for the Petrol Sta­tion at Bacup Hub, I am won­der­ing where the coun­cil’s plan­ning com­mit­tee are com­ing from.

Do they pre­fer to see a derelict build­ing ( which will no doubt be van­dalised), or some­thing that will cre­ate 34 jobs, ben­e­fit the car drivers of Bacup and the el­derly peo­ple who live in the flats across the road, some of who can not al­ways go into town to shop.

What a petty ex­cuse that it does not fit in with the sur­round­ings.

Are they liv­ing in Cloud Cuckoo Land? Name and ad­dress sup­plied


EEH my Good­ness and Flip­pin’ eck! ( In Lan­cashire Di­alect, eeh by gum lad!)

Eeh my Good­ness there’s road­works in Rawten­stall agin

Bo­cholt Way AND Newchurch Road to­gether - com­mon sense never sin

Grid­lock is th’or­der of the day all t’time dun’t tha know

But with th­ese ‘ere road­works there’s gonna be NO flow

T’traf­fic lights se­quence ain’t helpin’ nor­mally – AS IT IS ya sit there for a while

A trip into Rawten­stall th­ese days cer­tainly dun’t raise a smile!

It’s even a blinkin’ chal­lenge if ya go by bike!

I feel sorry for t’shop­pers and t’traders alike

The Pow­ers that be just dun’t seem to care

They’re al­ready drivin’ droves of shop­pers else­where

Th’in­de­pen­dent shops who try so hard Don’t see tha’ spend­ing on thee bank card

Thas talk ‘o’ paid fer park­ing now as well ‘eeh tha couldn’t mek it up

Folks’ll go else­where for their shop­ping and filled cof­fee cup

In­stead of tread­ing on t’cob­bles along Bank Street

Where in­de­pen­dent traders re­ally have tried to mek it al­reet

Then there’s the big boys – Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and M and S

Won­der what they think about this mess?

In­vestin’ in a town that’s so full of char­ac­ter and charm

Th­ese reg­u­lar road­works’re do­ing ‘em noth­ing but harm

It’ll be such a shame if shop­pers habits have t’take a swap

And lost is th’char­ac­ter of this lovely Mar­ket Town, a natty place t’shop

Let’s think agin about the parkin’ and keep it free fer all

And only do one lot ‘o’ road­works at t’same time

Don’t send us out ‘o’ town to the big­ger Shop­ping Mall! Gill Pilling Fields Road Hasling­den


THE town of Rawten­stall has the new name of GRID­LOCK TOWN every road lead­ing to Rawten­stall and the round­about as traf­fic chaos every day.

Have a look round coun­cil to see if you have missed any road to dig up.

I am go­ing wear a 10 gal­lon hat to fit in Grid­Lock Town. Brian Hat­ton Gor­don Street Rawten­stall


I WRITE in re­la­tion to the hor­rific traf­fic prob­lems on the round­about in Rawten­stall.

This has been on­go­ing for a sus­tained pe­riod of time now and is show­ing no signs of eas­ing.

Traf­fic is reg­u­larly at a stand­still as traf­fic wait­ing to en­ter from Hasling­den Road can­not get onto the round­about due to stand­ing traf­fic on the round­about queu­ing to head around it.

All too many times you hear the moans of peo­ple blam­ing the new McDon­ald’s and more re­cently blam­ing the Bo­cholt way clo­sure.

This is un­true, firstly why when no traf­fic can en­ter the round­about from Bo­cholt way haven’t they switched them lights off to al­low traf­fic to move more freely.

Se­condly I fail to see how McDon­ald’s can be to blame for this. If you travel through­out the coun­try, there are big­ger towns and cities with McDon­ald’s. Th­ese do not suf­fer from the traf­fic prob­lems Rawten­stall is en­coun­ter­ing.

The real prob­lem is the light se­quenc­ing.

The lights at the junc­tion of Bo­cholt way do not run in se­quence with those at the junc­tion of Bacup Road.

The lights at the Queens pub are on green much longer than those at Bo­cholt Way.

This re­sults in traf­fic queu­ing back form Bo­cholt way thus mean­ing no ve­hi­cles can get off the round­about.

Surely if the peo­ple of Rossendale can see this then why can’t the nu­mer­ous amount of traf­fic light engi­neers that are reg­u­larly sighted at the con­trol box also see this.

For a town that is try­ing to im­prove its at­trac­tive­ness to shop­pers and vis­i­tors, I feel that this se­ri­ously threat­ens the fu­ture for traders and the like.

I know of many peo­ple who now travel to Rams­bot­tom or Bury to shop than the short jour­ney to Rawten­stall, this is be­cause it is much quicker and less stress­ful. Surely LCC have some ques­tions to an­swer here. Phil Har­ris via email

●● Th­ese pic­tures sub­mit­ted by reader Rose­mary Ather­ton shows cars park­ing on double yel­low lines by St John’s School, Stone­fold

●● Road­works in the cen­tre of Rawten­stall, on Bo­cholt Way and Newchurch Road have caused ma­jor de­lays in the town

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