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MY dog Buster has a growth on his gum. It’s got big­ger in re­cent weeks. It doesn’t seem to ir­ri­tate him but I’m con­cerned. What could it be? LUMPS and bumps can be a bit of a worry so it’s al­ways a good idea to get them checked out, es­pe­cially if they sud­denly start grow­ing or chang­ing shape.

Your vet will be able to take sam­ples and ei­ther look at them un­der the mi­cro­scope or send them off to a lab­o­ra­tory so they can de­ter­mine what kind of lump it is. Once they know what you are deal­ing with, your vet can ad­vise if it needs to be re­moved. MY cat re­cently had an un­ex­pected lit­ter of kit­tens. I’ve found them all good homes but how soon can they leave their mum? Also, how soon can I get my cat spayed? WE would usu­ally rec­om­mend that kit­tens stay with their mum for at least eight weeks, and af­ter that it will de­pend on their health and them be­ing fully weaned.

It’s best to get them checked by a vet be­fore they go to their new homes, and you can also ask about get­ting the first part of their pri­mary vac­ci­na­tion course.

I’m glad to hear that you’ll be get­ting their mum spayed, too – this has im­por­tant health ben­e­fits as well as pre­vent­ing un­planned lit­ters.

This can usu­ally be done as soon as the kit­tens are weaned. MY rab­bit has started sneez­ing. He lives in­doors but gets plenty of fresh air. Can rab­bits get colds? RAB­BITS can get a type of res­pi­ra­tory dis­ease that is sim­i­lar to a cold.

The most com­mon cause is in­fec­tion with a bac­terium called pas­teurella mul­to­cida.

This of­ten causes a runny nose, sneez­ing and/or an eye dis­charge. You should make an ap­point­ment to see a vet as soon as pos­si­ble.

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