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ROSSENDALE Scrib­bler: Just how did £5mil­lion town re­vamp be­come so di­vi­sive? (March 23)

Kimi Tay­lor: Could have saved some money by paint­ing the ex­ist­ing bus sta­tion and putting some nice benches in with some au­to­matic doors and the rest of the money could have resur­faced all the roads in­stead of fill­ing the pot­holes that come back af­ter a few months. Should have put a mas­sive Pri­mark with multi-storey car park on top in the town cen­tre along with a nice in­door mar­ket. Would have brought loads of peo­ple to Rawten­stall. Colin Bracewell: Paint a forty year old rust bucket that’s drop­ping in bits? Lisa Waller: That bus sta­tion was sup­posed to be a tem­po­rary one back in the 70’s haha. Paul Hargreaves: Peo­ple aren’t go­ing to come to Rawten­stall just to look at a shiny new multi mil­lion pound bus sta­tion. Steve Chap­pell: Why not put the ‘ho­tel’ on the unearthed land at ground­work .. mo­tor way ac­cess. Loads of park­ing, no, way too easy. Let’s re­build the old ar­cade with the empty shops again. Dun­can Lord: Why put ho­tel or houses in mid­dle of a shop­ping cen­tre? Doesn’t make sense to me, looks like a con­crete jun­gle. It looks bet­ter as it is now with grass and seats etc Irene Brown: My home, my town, my birth­place, my Hasling­den gone to the dogs! Rawten­stall the top dog ,the best of ev­ery­thing! Lynne Kenyon: What about sort­ing the roads out first then peo­ple can ac­tu­ally get to Rawten­stall with­out driv­ing down pot holes! Marie Cromp­ton Smith: Could be be­cause peo­ple are sick of hear­ing it over the years. How many times has the designs changed now ? I moved to Rawten­stall in 2005, old cen­tre got knocked down ready for re­vamp. I moved from Lancashire last year and still no real im­prove­ment. Yes, small bus sta­tion and green. How much money wasted on all the designs,the re­search etc through the years? Nigel Scholes Harper: Fed up hear­ing about this now see­ing will be be­liev­ing. Paul Hargreaves: You should visit Water­foot... we’ve been ne­glected for years. Col­lette Fur­long: Needs it, couldn’t find any nightlife when we went last night. Jim Ocon­nor: How many more times are they go­ing to re­vamp Rawten­stall? Ni­cola Poucher: Re­ally nice new big bus sta­tion, park­ing me­tres on Bank street, might lower the con­ges­tion?

COULD Hasling­den be set for a £2.6 mil­lion makeover? Coun­cil bosses have ap­plied for Her­itage Lottery money (March 23)

Tom Wester­man: Surely some of that could be put to­wards the swim­ming pool? £600k would do it. Laura Walden: Swim­ming baths would be a start!! Andrew Tin­ston: Hmm £2.6m.... that’s enough for 3 failed draft ideas for a bus stop and for no­body to build new houses, right? Katy Grimshaw: This is news to me and I own 55 Dear­den­gate?

Not one per­son has been in touch with me this is the first I have heard I’m pretty sure my build­ing has been done to the high­est stan­dard, in­ter­est­ing to read the plans for my build­ing that I own?

Bizarre. Emily Grimshaw: I ap­plied for help with the clock to be main­tained and ended up pay­ing my­self! It’s broke again let’s see if we get a penny to­wards it! Vikki Re­banks: It would be re­ally nice if some of that money could be spent on the baths.

And the top of town is al­most one way al­ready with all the pot­holes! Lynn Brown: If its her­itage money it will be ring fenced to Hasling­den.

Even if it doesn’t go through there’s £200,000 that the coun­cil say they can con­trib­ute so lets see it in­vested in Hasling­den in­stead of ev­ery­where else. Sue Dempsey: If it’s any­thing like Bacup’s make over..it’ll be the next gen­er­a­tion that ben­e­fits!! Never known it take so long to do up a row of shops!

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