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THE bro­mance of direc­tor Peter Berg and mus­cu­lar lead­ing man Mark Wahlberg has been go­ing strong since 2013, when the two men ven­tured into war-torn Afghanistan for the ex­plo­sive true story of Lone Sur­vivor. Two fur­ther tales of gung-ho, real-life hero­ism – Deep­wa­ter Hori­zon and Pa­tri­ots Day – fol­lowed.

Mile 22 cranks up the on-screen vi­o­lence, cram­ming as many slam-bang thrills as pos­si­ble into 94 adren­a­line-fu­elled min­utes.

Wahlberg plays James Silva (pic­tured), leader of a team of black ops soldiers code-named Over­watch, who un­der­take se­cret mis­sions for the US gov­ern­ment un­der the com­mand of han­dler James Bishop (John Malkovich) aka Mother.

The squad tracks a stolen ship­ment of highly toxic cae­sium, which can be weaponised to kill thou­sands, to a Rus­sian safe house on Amer­i­can soil. “You’re mak­ing a mis­take,” an in­jured 18-year-old sus­pect snarls at Silva.

“I’ve made a lot of them,” coldly replies the US agent be­fore he clin­i­cally dis­penses a bul­let into the teenager’s head.

Six­teen months later in In­do­carr City, po­lice of­fi­cer Li Noor (Iko Uwais) ar­rives unan­nounced at the US em­bassy, claim­ing to know the lo­ca­tion of the cae­sium. He prom­ises to share this in­tel­li­gence as soon as he is safely on a plane to Amer­ica.

Silva as­sem­bles his team to es­cort Li Noor the 22 miles from the US em­bassy to the air­field. Within a minute, Over­watch comes un­der at­tack from gun-tot­ing mo­tor­cy­clists and the fight for sur­vival be­gins.

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