Time to break Brexit dead­lock

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IT’S be­com­ing more and more ev­i­dent that both Labour and Con­ser­va­tive par­ties are split from top to bot­tom over Brexit.

There is a com­plete lack of lead­er­ship from the two old par­ties and nei­ther of their lead­ers are of­fer­ing any cred­i­ble so­lu­tions on how we dig our­selves out of the present dead­lock. At the same time, there is a deep sense of anger amongst those who voted Leave.

They voted to change the pri­or­i­ties in our so­ci­ety, feel­ing quite rightly that the po­lit­i­cal sys­tem had left them iso­lated and voice­less, and that no-one was lis­ten­ing to their valid con­cerns.

They chose to ex­press those frus­tra­tions by blam­ing the Euro­pean Union for the prob­lems this coun­try is fac­ing.

In my view, many from the po­lit­i­cal right chose to de­lib­er­ately ma­nip­u­late peo­ple’s gen­uine con­cerns by try­ing to de­flect at­ten­tion from their own short com­ings onto a dis­torted view of the EU.

Equally, those who voted Re­main are deeply frus­trated by the empty rhetoric of the hard Brex­i­teers, and their at­tempts to look back­wards to a make-be­lieve time be­fore join­ing Europe when Bri­tain had greater sta­tus in the world.

We have to find a way through these ap­par­ently ir­rec­on­cil­able dif­fer­ences.

It doesn’t help that those who voted Leave are ei­ther deny­ing the right of the Re­main­ders to ex­press con­cerns or threat­en­ing ri­ots if they don’t get a hard cliff edge Brexit.

The only real­is­tic and prac­ti­cal so­lu­tion to the im­passe is a Peo­ple’s Vote on the fi­nal terms of Brexit. It could take the form of three sim­ple choices; first, a hard, no deal Brexit, sec­ond what­ever deal the Gov­ern­ment man­age to fi­nally agree with the EU, thirdly an Exit from Brexit. We’ll then be able to move away from empty hot air around Brexit and move on to tack­ling the very real is­sues that this coun­try is fac­ing. Alan Hil­liar Ad­dress sup­plied

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