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The Good Morn­ing Bri­tain pre­sen­ter, 42, on run­ning in the rain and lazy warm-ups

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TV pre­sen­ter Sean Fletcher

I’ve run the Lon­don Marathon for the past two years. My time this year [3:46] was 22 min­utes faster than it was in 2015. I trained the same amount, but the sec­ond time my body said, ‘I re­mem­ber this!’

I feel in­vin­ci­ble when I run through tor­ren­tial rain. Run­ning through pud­dles when it’s pour­ing and I’m soak­ing – there’s some­thing so ba­sic and so bril­liant about it. I ran past the Ox­ford and Cam­bridge Boat Race in the rain; mo­ments like that are mag­i­cal.

I’m lazy with my warm-ups – I stretch my calves, but that’s it. My wife has re­cently con­vinced me to do yoga and I’ve re­alised I’m not sup­ple at all. Maybe I wouldn’t strug­gle as much as I do if I warmed up more.

Most of my runs are along the Thames. I live in West Lon­don but I feel like I’m in the coun­try – I can let the dog off the lead and just run. There’s a lovely river­side path, so I can run down, cross a bridge and come back, or keep go­ing if I’m feel­ing strong.

I feel like a caged tiger if I don’t get to run. I start to feel grumpy and in­side I’m shout­ing, ‘I need to get out!’

Film­ing the quiz show Re­bound I’d get back late and still get up early for a run. It meant less sleep, but it helped re­lieve the pres­sure of work­ing long days.

I never take a drink run­ning, as I don’t want to carry it. Dur­ing marathons I’ll stop at the drink sta­tions and I wear a belt with a load of gels, but for any­thing up to about 20km I don’t carry or con­sume any­thing at all.

Lon­don is an un­friendly place to run. In Wales, where my wife, Luned, is from, ev­ery­one smiles, waves and says hello as they pass. If you do that in Lon­don, peo­ple ei­ther think you’re a weirdo, you’re af­ter some­thing or it’s your first time run­ning in the city.

I trained to be a mu­sic pro­ducer – run­ning gives me time to lis­ten to new mu­sic. It’s got to have en­ergy and emo­tion to it and the songs have to mean some­thing. I like Mum­ford and Sons, Cold­play and Bey­oncé – some­times I don’t re­alise I’ve run an­other few kilo­me­tres be­cause I’m in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent world.

I used to be a sprinter. My wife would ask me to run long with her and I’d think, ‘ Why would you want to run for hours?’ Then I was asked to run the Lon­don Marathon for work a cou­ple of years ago and fell in love with it. I haven’t stopped since.

‘I’m not sup­ple at all. Maybe I wouldn’t strug­gle as much as I do if I warmed up more’

SET PIECE Sean doesn’t let work get in the way of his runs

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