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Start­ing a race at high speed is the old­est er­ror

in the book, but a new study2 shows the true cost – the equiv­a­lent of three min­utes in a one-hour race. The re­searchers mea­sured blood-lac­tate lev­els in elite en­durance run­ners as they ran at paces be­low, at and above their lac­tate thresh­olds (see be­low). When they ex­ceeded their thresh­old the oxy­gen ‘cost’ of run­ning rose by 5.5 per cent. ‘This em­pha­sises the im­por­tance of avoid­ing in­ten­si­ties above lac­tate thresh­old in the early stages of a pre­dom­i­nantly aer­o­bic en­durance race,’ say the re­searchers.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE… There may be a run­ner who’s gone off too fast

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